Extended Stay Housing

Extended Stay Housing is an opportunity for students to request a day extension after either the Fall or Spring semesters initial closing.  This is granted on an approval basis and will be determined through the Extended Stay Application.

While there are no additional housing costs, if students do not properly checkout according to our checkout guidelines, additional fee’s may be assessed.

Staying on Campus During Winter Break

All of PLU’s residence halls (excluding South Hall) will close for Winter Break at 6:00pm on Friday, December 18th and will re-open at 1:00pm on Monday, January 18th.

Winter Break Housing is only available from December 19th to January 2nd, 2021.

Winter Break Housing is available for those who need on-campus housing during this break.  Housing will cost $20.00 per day.

South Hall residents will not be charged during their stay for Winter Break.

On Saturday, December 19th, between 8:00 am and 10:00 am, residents may be required to relocate to the Winter Break Hall.  Residents cannot stay in their current room and their access to their original building will be shut off until the start of J-Term.

The deadline for registering for break housing is Thursday, December 3rd at 11:59pm (PST).  Apply for Winter Break Housing.

Items to note:

  • South Hall will remain open during Winter Break with no charge to current South Hall residents who are returning for J-term or Spring as per the South Hall contract.
    • If South Hall students are not returning for J-term or Spring, they are required to move out at the end of Fall semester.
  • During Winter Break there is no mail delivery to the halls.  Mail Services is open limited hours and students can pick up their mail directly from Mail Services.  Please call for hours of operation at 253-535-7436.
  • Meal Plans are not available during the Winter Break period.  Old Main Market remains open for limited hours. Check Campus Restaurants hours of operation.
  • Campus Safety is a 24 hour, 7 days a week operation.  If you need to contact Campus Safety during the break period, you can be assured that the office will be open.