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     Joe Kowalczyk

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To pick one favorite memory of living in Foss this past year is too hard. There are so many of them! But I did love all of the events my wing did together! Like our wing dinners (the one where we got all dressed up for Halloween was my favorite!), going ice skating, having our own mini olympic games, having a photo shoot, and so much more! [C.H., Foss]

The best part about living in Foss is how a lot of the people in Foss are first years just like you, so you are all experiencing everything for the first time together. [C.H., Foss]

Students from a wide variety of majors and backgrounds find their homes Foss.  The friendly and open atmosphere of Foss Hall is well known around campus.

Foss Hall is located on lower campus and is close to a variety of things.  Here are just a few:

  • Parking Facilities - including first year and gated lots
  • Tahoma bakery
  • The Gym
  • Olsen
  • Rieke Science Center
  • Mary Baker Russell Music Center
  • Foss Field
  • Basketball Courts
  • Sand Volleyball Pit
  • Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pool

Hall Programs

Hall Programs are hosted by every hall on campus, though each hall puts their own unique twist on the programming that happens in that hall.  Foss has a few that pull in students from all over campus and people can't wait every year to attend.  Some of these Foss programs include Field Games (day of fun, carnival-style games), Game Nights, End of the Semester Celebration, and the Frosted Mug Lovers, a social program sponsored by Foss and Pflueger staff members bringing together residents from both buildings experience various types of rootbeer and to talk about life in the hall and around campus.

Foss is where it's at!

All halls offer the usual services, but each hall on campus has a few unique features that distinguish it from the rest.  Foss has a movie room with tiered seating, the largest kitchen of any hall, a game room with a ping pong table, and a piano in the main lounge.  Foss also offers three lounges per floor, a study lounge on the third floor and high efficiency washer and dryers on each floor, as well as two accessible recycling centers on every floor.

Foss Unfurnished Room  Foss Hall Furnished Room

     Unfurnished Foss Room                    Furnished Foss Room