Department ofResidential Life

SAL--Social Action and Leadership--What's it all about?

The SAL wing is based on the Social Change Model for Leadership Development (SCM), a non-hierarchical model of leadership development.  Based on this model, the learning outcomes for the Social Action and Leadership Living and Learning community are:

  • Students will develop an increased understanding of their own cultural identitiy through critical reflection of their beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions
  • Students will increase their ability to interact with their peers by developing a willingness to understand conflicting viewpoints and engage in the creation of shared aims and values as a community
  • Students will become aware of themselves as a member of a global community with the capacity and responsibility to serve as leaders for change for their community and the world

Students who are members of the SAL wing will recognize their voices as leaders and will be in the position to take action on our campus and our greater Tacoma community.

What is the Social Change Model?

  • Consciousness of Self--Awareness of the beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions that motivate one to take action
  • Congruence--Thinking, feeling and behaving with consistency, authenticity, and honesty
  • Commitment--Motivation to serve
  • Collaboration--Working with others in a common effort
  • Common Purpose--Working with shared aims and values
  • Controversy with Civility--Recognizing that differences are inevitable and should be aired openly but with civility
  • Citizenship--Active engagement in the community and the world

SAL Residents work on a project