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Harstad Hall Room Floor Plans

Historic Harstad Hall was the original building of Pacific Lutheran College.  Classes began on campus in October 1894.  Harstad Hall was the only campus structure at the time, providing everything from classrooms to offices, from dining to resident rooms.

In 1960, Harstad officially became a residence hall.  A few campus offices are still housed in this building but the majority of rooms here have all been converted to residential space.  Due to the historic & individual nature of this building, it is impossible to provide a drawing of a “typical room”.

Harstad resident rooms have higher than average ceilings which make the rooms feel spacious.  Most rooms either have views of the campus entrance off Garfield or on picturesque Red Square.  The unique historic character of this building makes each room a charming personal space.

Due to the uniqueness of each room, it would be impossible to create a “typical” floor plan for this hall.