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Hong International Hall Application

Hong International Hall Application

This application is to be used by ALL applicants for Hong International Hall.

A Community of Language and Culture Houses


The Hong International Hall serves as the hub of global education in the PLU residence halls. It is home to six different language and/or culture houses brought together for a common passion for language study and global education. The houses are Norwegian, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and International Honors. Students living in Hong International Hall receive a traditional residence hall experience with all the fun that comes along, plus a cultural component that makes Hong unique. It's the perfect place to live when getting ready to study away, and a welcoming home to return to after the adventures of study away.

NEW for Fall 2016, Hong International Hall will be linked to a First Year Experience Program (FYEP) Writing 101 courses on the topic of global education. During New Student Registration (in June), all first-year residents who are not already participating in the International Honors (IHON) program will be co-enrolled in this linked course. Co-enrollment in the linked FYEP Writing 101 course is available for Fall semester only.


Hong International Hall Eligibility

A student must have ongoing enrollment in coursework in the target language or exceptional life experience and language fluency. Native speakers of the language who live in Hong International Hall support this mission by speaking in their language with their wing mates. All students must commit to the community agreement regarding daily use of the house language in designated spaces and they must actively participate in House and Hall programs.


Application Instructions

All students applying for housing in Hong International Hall must also complete a standard PLU housing application and the application below.  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until space is no longer available.  Incoming first-year students for Hong International Hall should apply as soon as possible after submitting the housing application. 

Wing(s) Preference(s)

Please indicate your preference for housing.  You may select up to 3 options.

Questions for New Applicants

Please answer the following questions in less than 200 words only if you have never lived in Hong International Hall before.

Questions for Returning Residents

Please answer the following questions in less than 200 words only if you have previously lived in Hong International hall.

Housing Assignments

Residential Life staff and Languages & Literature faculty will work together to make assignments to the Houses within Hong International Hall. Assignments will be made from the pool of eligible applicants and be based on available space, responses to the questions and references from current and former language instructors.

For additional information, contact the faculty member or Resident Director.

Chinese: Professor Paul Manfredi, 253-535-7216, manfredi@plu.edu
French: Associate Professor Rebecca Wilkin, 253-535-7313, wilkinrm@plu.edu
German: Visiting Assistant Professor Jonathan Fine, 253-535-7227, fine@plu.edu
Norwegian: Associate Professor Troy Storfjell, 253-535-8514, storfjell@plu.edu
Spanish: Associate Professor Giovanna Urdangarain, 253-535-7240, urdagga@plu.edu
International Honors: Associate Professor Carmina Palerm, 253-535-7756, palerm@plu.edu@plu.edu

Resident Director: Rachel Betron, 253-535-8600, betronr@plu.edu

Application Submission

By pressing submit below, you will be submitting your application for Hong International Hall.


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