Department of Residential Life

Wisdom From Ordal Residents

Ordal Hall is great because there is a real sense of community among its residents. There are constantly people in the lounges, playing games, studying, or just talking. Some people even say Ordal is the friendliest hall. I certainly think so! [M.M., Ordal]

The best part about living in Ordal Hall was the sense of community. Whenever I would walk into the building and walk through the halls, I would see people everywhere I went. There would always be a couple people in one of the lounges either playing a game, studying, or just hanging out. I loved how interactive it was, almost requiring each resident to walk through the heavily trafficked corners of the building to get to some of the rooms. Even though the size of Ordal at first seemed daunting, I quickly found out that it was not that at all! I found myself knowing almost each individual person that lived in Ordal, and saying a quick hello or giving a head nod on my way to class. I thoroughly enjoyed living in Ordal because of this sense of community and the friendships that evolved from it. [L.G., Ordal]