Explore Identity. Become an Advocate for Positive Social and Environmental Change.

The Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability (DJS) community seeks to create a safe, supportive, and diverse environment that challenges residents to explore social justice issues and begin the work towards equity as engaged citizens on both local and global levels. The DJS community promotes opportunities for students to challenge themselves to learn and act in ways that make a difference in the lives of others. The DJS community is an exciting opportunity to meet new people, learn about yourself, explore issues of injustice, and serve as agents for change within your communities. Students will be able to have a traditional  residence hall experience with the added value of relationships with faculty/staff and collaboration with the Diversity Center and the Center for Gender Equity. The DJS community comprises three themed floors:

  1. First in the Family Wings For students who are first in their families to attend college (first-generation students whose parents did not graduate from a four-year, degree granting institution in the U.S.) with support to connect them to resources for success in and out of the classroom.
  2. Students of Color Wings For students who identify as People of Color (or not White) who are interested in exploring their racial and ethnic social identities and cultures.
  3. Environmental & Social Justice Wings For students who are interested in exploring the intersection of social justice and environmental justice and translating this knowledge into positive social change through leadership and action.

Great For Residents Who ...

  • are interested in gaining an increased understanding of their cultural identities through reflection on value
  • want to learn more about basic concepts of social justice
  • are interested in learning how to create positive change in their hall, PLU, the greater Tacoma community and beyond

Upcoming Stuen and Ordal Events

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Program + Learning Outcomes

By participating in Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability (DJS) community, residents will:

  • develop an increased understanding of their own cultural identity through critical reflection of their beliefs, values, attitudes and emotions
  • be involved in discussions, programs, and leadership development around the concept of social action
  • recognize their voices as leaders
  • be able to identify ways to take action at PLU, our greater Tacoma community, and beyond to enact positive change


Stuen Hall

Linked Course(s)

YES (for new First-Year residents)

First-year residents will be enrolled in a linked First Year Experience Program (FYEP) course on the topic of social justice. A certain number of class seats will be saved for commuter students to opt into this learning community. Previous linked courses have included:

  • Democratic Citizenship | James Albrecht | FYEP 101 Section 04 | MWF 9:15-10:20
  • Banned Books | Lisa Marcus | FYEP 101 Section 7 | TR 1:45-3:30
  • Not Your Typical Superhero | Christine Moeller | FYEP 101 Section 31 | TR 11:50-1:35

View the Fall 2019 Learning Community (LC) Linked FYEP 101 Courses document to read these course descriptions and learn more about LC linked courses.

Example Programs

Below are a few examples of social justice programs that have occurred in the past! If you have an idea for a wing or hall program, contact your Resident Assistant to see about planning it!

  • DJS Retreat at the Center for Gender Equity
  • Habitat for Humanity Volunteering
  • Staycation: Parkland Immersion Alternative Spring Break |  sponsored by the Center for Community Engagement and Service
  • My Culture is Not a Costume | Conversation with the Diversity Center about cultural appropriation in Halloween Costumes
  • Tunnel of Oppression


For more information about this Learning Community option you may contact:

Dhaval Patel, Community Director for Ordal and Stuen Halls | dpatel@plu.edu