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Your rights as part of the residence hall community

Roommates have some inherent rights that need to be respected at all times. These rights extend beyond the walls of the room and into the residence hall, helping to foster a healthy community for everyone. A respectful community begins with respecting one’s own roommate.

The right to sleep and study free from undue interference. Unreasonable noise, guests, and other distractions inhibit the exercise of this right.

The right to expect cooperation in the use of shared space and items.

The right to privacy; including the use of one’s own belongings.

The right to expect that roommates will respect one’s personal belongings.

The right to a clean environment in which to live.

The right of free access to the room and facilities without pressure from roommate(s).

The right to open communication between roommates.

The right to be free from peer pressure and ridicule if one’s life choices differ from a roommate’s life choices.

The right to be free from intimidation, physical and/or emotional harm. This includes the right to be free from discrimination harassment, or undue emotional distress.

The right to host guest(s) who respect the rights of the community members, with the expectation that guest(s) will abide by agreed-upon roommate expectations, PLU guest policies.

The right to expect that a roommate will not violate PLU policies in the room subjecting others to possible consequences.

The right to expect that conflicts are resolved in a reasonable time frame agreed by all. This includes the right to involve a residence hall staff member in the discussion if desired.