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Social Action & Leadership Application

Social Action and Leadership Application

The SAL wings create a safe, supportive, and diverse environment that challenges residents to explore social justice issues and begin the work towards equity as engaged global citizens. SAL promotes opportunities for students to challenge themselves to learn and act in ways that make a difference in the lives of others. The SAL community is an exciting opportunity to meet new people, learn about yourself, explore issues of injustice and serve as agents for change within your communities, both locally and globally.

SAL provides a location for all residents to begin exploring social justice issues with the hope that students will continue to engage in social justice work throughout their tenure at PLU and in their lives. SAL is a fantastic place for all who have a passion for working towards equity. Through active conversations and wing events, students are encouraged to engage in dialogue about current social justice issues and discuss ways to understand and make change. Students will be able to have a typical residence hall experience with the added value of relationships with faculty/staff and living in a community with an appreciation for the world of global issues. SAL offers an active living-learning environment, a great location and a welcoming community.


All students applying for housing in SAL must also complete a standard PLU housing application and the application below. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until space is no longer available. Incoming first-year students for SAL should apply as soon as possible after submitting the housing application.

SAL Application Questions

Responses need not exceed more than 100 words and are limited to 200 words per question.

Housing Assignments

Residential Life staff will work to make assignments to the SAL wing. Assignments will be made from the pool of eligible applicants and be based on available space, the order in which a deposit was received, and your response to the questions above. We are looking for students who intentionally want to be a part of this community and are thoughtful in their responses.

For Additional Information

Angel de Jesus Gonzalez
Resident Director for Ordal and Stuen Halls
PLU Residential Life
Phone: 253-535-8000

Application Submission

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