Department of Residential Life

SAL–Social Action and Leadership–What’s it all about?

What is Social Action and Leadership? 

SAL is a residential community where residents apply to be a part of discussions, programs, personal and leadership development around the concept of social action

Why should I want to live in the Social Action and Leadership Wing?

SAL is great for you if you want to be in a community where you can talk about issues you are passionate about, discuss ways to be agents of change at PLU and in the communities you are a part of, or just want to learn more about basic concepts of social justice.

What happens in SAL?
Residents in SAL get to:
-Have regular conversations within the community and with invited campus and community members
-Develop an understanding of who they are, and how they can make a positive impact
– And more!

Some things the SAL Community has done include:
– Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity
– Had talks with professors from PLU
– Created scenes for PLU’s Tunnel of Oppression
– And more!

Students who are members of the SAL wing (located in the newly renovated Stuen Hall) will recognize their voices as leaders and will be in the position to take action on our campus and our greater Tacoma community.