Nik Clark

Graduate Assistant for Upper Campus

  • Professional
  • Biography


  • Associates Degree, Clark Community College, 2018
  • Bachelors Degree, Political Science (major), Sociology & Philosophy (minors), Pacific Lutheran University, 2020
  • Masters Degree, Business Administration, Pacific Lutheran University, 2021


Nikolis Clark, has been working in student leadership at PLU since his first year as a transfer student. In this time he has filled a variety of roles and has worked hard to build up and support his community.
Nikois grew up in Nevada, Washington, California, and would spend every summer in Missouri with his Grandparents. Always up for a new adventure, he has really enjoyed his time in PLU’s vibrant community.
In his free time Nikolis likes to play Magic the Gathering and Tekken or cook for his partner. As well he has an ever growing movie collection that he loves to share with people.
“PLU has a lot of heart and that’s what makes it special.” -Nikolis Clark