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Telephone Rental Application Form

Telephone Rental Application

Telephone landlines to residence hall rooms have been deactivated, the supporting infrastructure reduced, and the phones removed. Residents who desire a landline can request one by completing this agreement.

PLU has a digital telephone system, which means that the phones are different from the traditional phone you may be used to. No phone other than the one provided will operate in your room with the exception of South Hall bedrooms. Conversely, the phones at PLU will not work anywhere else. In fact, plugging one of these digital phones into a standard analog jack could destroy the phone's circuitry which operates at a much lower voltage. Because the phone is digital, devices such as answering machines and modems will not work from your room.

If you need instructions or further information about Local Service, Placing Long Distance Calls (800 Numbers), Opening Calling Card Accounts, Prepaid Calling Cards, or Additional Phone/Voice-mail Information visit PLU's Internet/Wireless/Phone/Cable TV.

Statement of Authorization

I hereby authorize PLU Residential Life to bill all activation/rental charges to my student account provided on this agreement form. I understand that this $30.00 fee is for a telephone and service that includes the subscription to the local network operator. I understand that PLU Residential Life is not liable for direct or consequential damages resulting from equipment failure or any failure of the service provider. I agree that I am fully responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of the data device and I agree that a charge of $175.00 will be applied to my student account for any loss or damage to the device resulting in loss.

In the event of damage, theft or loss: Residential Life must be notified immediately. The device is checked fully prior to installation and activation. No refund or rebate is available. Rental devices must be returned upon check out of the resident room for which it has been designated. I acknowledge in the event of a non-return that my student account will be charged a $175.00 damage/non-return fee. By submitting this agreement, I acknowledge that I have read and understood this statement of authorization and authorize PLU Residential Life to charge my student account for any and all charges incurred under the terms of this agreement.

Residence hall rooms have the capacity for only one telephone. Roommates who would like to share the cost and responsibility must each complete this agreement and indicate a shared cost.

(If responsibility is to be shared)
Additional Information

Office of Residential Life
Anderson University Center 161
Tacoma, WA 98447
(253) 535-7200

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