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Wisdom From PLU Students

Greetings from Residential Life at PLU

We asked a handful of students who had just completed their first year at college living in a residence hall if they would be willing to share some stories about their experience in an effort to help other students connect to their future home.

We understand that living on campus is both incredibly exciting and, perhaps, a source for some questions and concerns – especially for those students who are not used to being away from family or sharing a room. It is our hope that hearing from students who just successfully navigated their first year at PLU will help with both the excitement and comfort levels.

We were overwhelmed by the response. We received so many great stories and wonderful words of wisdom that we are excited to share with you.



  • Welcome to your first ‘real’ college experience: living on campus. Your first year is definitely an adventure you will never forget. Having a whole new set of responsibilities is challenging at times but by the end of the year, you will have everything figured out. I made a lot of awesome memories last year and encountered a few not so pleasant situations, but I’m very grateful for the experience as a whole. [P.P., Harstad]

Being a 1st Year student on campus at PLU:

  • I came to PLU because of the close-knit, community feeling that campus had. My first year on campus reinforced that idea, as well as introducing a Midwestern girl to some of the trendy things in the Northwest. One thing that stood out to me was the impact of Frisbees on-campus. During my first tour on Scholar Weekend, I got hit multiple times by the same group of people playing disc golf around campus. Seven months later as a newly inducted first-year, the same band of friends ran into me in the Commons and bought me lunch, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. That experience really showed me how much I loved the welcoming and supportive campus atmosphere here. [A.M., Tingelstad]

Tips for a successful transition to living on campus:

  • Coming to PLU I had arranged to room with a friend from high school, but I was nervous about the pressure it could put on our friendship. Everyone told us that being roommates would be detrimental to our relationship, and I was not willing to let that happen. Thankfully, we were well-suited to live together, and we spent a lot of time discussing our living situation – making sure we had clear boundaries and rules that we could both respect and appreciate (this is something I highly recommend doing regardless of whether or not you know your roommate ahead of time). We talked about sleeping patterns, cleaning habits, sharing our things, guests, and the list goes on. You’ll have a roommate agreement, which deals with most of this stuff, but it helps to talk about it on your own as well. You can’t plan for everything of course, and many of the policies we had decided on at the beginning of the year, didn’t seem as important at the end, but because we had established lines of communication, it was easy to discuss our differences when the time came. At the end of the year, I can happily say that we are as strong of friends as ever, and it was a blast being roommates.[M.M., Ordal]

A piece of advice or words of wisdom for incoming students:

  • It helps to get to know your professors – it sounds a little intimidating when someone has “doctor” in front of their name, but all of the professors I have had at PLU seem to genuinely love teaching and want to help students who ask for help. Something along these lines which I wasn’t very good at but know to be a big help is being willing to go in and talk to professors during office hours – that’s what office hours are for! [V.B., Hong]
  • My advice for incoming students is to be yourself, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and have fun! [C.H., Foss]

Wishing you well:

  • Your first year is full of amazing opportunities and experiences! Take advantage of all of them, and use them to help you find what you’re passionate about. Like I said, this year will be some of the most nerve-wracking and some of the most exciting times in your life, so be prepared for the ride of your life! Good luck with the year, and know that you have immense support around you the minute you step on the PLU campus. [M.D., Tingelstad]

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Foss Harstad Hinderlie
Hong Kreidler Ordal
Pflueger Stuen Tingelstad