Meals and Breaks

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating to reduce the potential for transmission of the virus. Supervisors should stagger meal and break times for their staff to discourage staff members from congregating in large groups.

If dining on-campus in a common area, you should wear your mask until you are ready to eat and then replace it afterward. On-campus dining establishments must meet requirements to allow at least 6 feet of distance between customers, including in lines and seating arrangements. Due to potential limits on occupancy capacity, dine-in space in our campus restaurants might be limited and/or unavailable. For specific information about current options offered by Dining Services, please check their COVID-19-specific web page.

If you are eating in your work environment (break room, shared office, etc.), maintain six feet of distance between yourself and others. Individuals should not sit facing one another. Only remove your mask in order to eat, then put it back on. Departments should remove or rearrange chairs and tables or add visual cue marks in employee break rooms to support social-distancing practices between employees. Wipe down surfaces, including tables, refrigerator handles, coffee machines, etc. after use in common areas.