Employees should review Washington State travel restrictions when deciding whether or not to travel for either business or personal reasons. Limiting exposure is an important risk mitigation measure, both for the campus and for the residents of our home communities and the communities we visit.

Requests for international travel for PLU business or sponsored activities should be submitted for review in accordance with the Faculty and Staff International Travel to Countries with a US Department of State Travel Advisory policy.

If you are fully vaccinated and travel outside of Washington, there is no quarantine or testing requirement upon return to campus.

If you are not fully vaccinated and travel outside of Washington
, PLU requires a 10-day self-quarantine OR a combination of quarantine-test-quarantine (QTQ).*

Steps for QTQ:

  • Self-quarantine for three days.
  • Test for COVID-19 with your health provider, at one of the sites listed by the Tacoma–Pierce County Health Department. Self-quarantine again until you receive your test results.
    • If your results are negative, no further self-quarantine is necessary
    • If your results are positive, please contact your health provider

*Testing may be limited due to current demand. If you cannot secure a test, consult with your supervisor on your plans to self-quarantine.

NOTE: If your position is defined by the CDC as critical infrastructure (positions in the Business Office, Campus Restaurants, Campus Safety, Facilities Management, Information & Technology Services, The Health Center, Marketing & Communications, and Residential Life may qualify) and you do not have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, then you may be permitted to continue to work. Supervisors should contact the COVID-19 site supervisor (Teri Phillips, for a determination.