Out-of-state travel for PLU business or sponsored activities is currently prohibited. This includes student travel, international travel, and travel via airlines.

Personal travel or air travel is discouraged. Limiting exposure is an important risk mitigation measure, both for the campus and for the residents of our home communities.

After traveling outside of Western Washington, we require students who live on campus or visit campus for any reason to quarantine-test-quarantine (QTQ) if:

    • Students who have traveled to a COVID-19 “hotspot” (i.e., a location where infection rates are increasing for the last 14 days, or where infections are widespread)
    • Students who recently attended a gathering of more than five people where physical distancing was not observed and/or people were not wearing face masks
    • Students who are feeling ill and who have any of the symptoms consistent with COVID-19
    • Students who have had a known exposure to COVID-19

Steps for post-travel quarantine-test-quarantine (QTQ):

    • Connect with the PLU Quarantine & Isolation Coordinator at or 253.535.7450.
    • Self-quarantine for three days
    • Test for COVID-19 with one of the sites listed by the Tacoma–Pierce County Health Department or at one of the PLU proactive community testing dates
    • Self-quarantine again until you receive your test results
      • If your results are negative, no further self-quarantine is necessary
      • If your results are positive, please contact the PLU Health Center

Check here for information about the differences between self-quarantine and self-isolation.