Visitors on Campus

The following requirements for visitors/guests on campus are in effect while Pierce County is in Phase 2 or 3 of the State of Washington’s phased reopening model. Should Pierce County enter either Phase 1 or Phase 4, the University will follow local and state guidelines. The university will not hold events with large numbers of visitors (athletics, SOAC, Admission, etc.) in Fall 2020 unless Pierce County enters Phase 3 and state and local guidelines allow for large gatherings.

A visitor is defined as someone that is not a currently enrolled student or currently employed faculty and/or staff member at PLU.

Categories of visitors:

Allowed: Visitors will have normal access to campus as needed. Campus departments bringing these guests should have a formal tracking system in place to track who and when a visitor is coming to campus. Visitors will need to comply with check-in policies, mask wearing, and other university policies. Visitors in this category includes:

  • First Responders
  • Food/Vendor Deliveries (food suppliers, mail services, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc.)
  • Maintenance and repair contractors

Limited Indoor: Visitors will still be allowed limited access to the inside of campus buildings for scheduled visits to campus. Visitors in the categories listed below will need to complete a health attestation, and comply with mask wearing, physical distancing and other university policies. Sponsoring department must maintain a visitor log.

  • Admission visitors for campus tours (including Athletic and SOAC recruits)
    • Max 5 people at a time
  • Employee candidate interviews on campus in consultation with Human Resources
  • Student family members/support guests for Move-in Days only (limited to 2)
  • Individuals visiting campus who receive advance approval from the Vice President of their division

Limited Outdoor: Visitors will be allowed outdoors only. Visitors in the categories listed below will need to comply with mask wearing, physical distancing and other university policies.

  • Visiting family members (must remain outdoors)
  • Guests for outdoor sporting events where social distancing can be maintained (in accordance with NCAA, state and local guidelines)
  • Visiting athletic teams where social distancing can be maintained (in accordance with NCAA, state and local guidelines)

Prohibited: Visitors will be discouraged from visiting campus, and will be completely prohibited from entering the inside of campus buildings. This includes:

  • Someone visiting for recreation or a social activity (indoors prohibited)
  • Walk-In community members and alumni members (indoors prohibited)
  • Guests in Residential Halls (with the exception of move-in days)
  • Guests to campus to visit classrooms or clubs/organizations
  • Any social/recruitment events over 5 non-PLU people throughout fall for any/all areas
  • Recruiters (i.e. people/companies who want to set up table in UC)

PLU departments bringing Allowed and Limited Indoor visitors to campus should be prepared with the following:

  • A paper attestation for visitors to complete. Should be completed each day they come on campus.
  • A visitor log. Information collected from the visitor should include their name, phone number, email, the name of any guest(s). The department bringing the visitor to campus will be charged with tracking and collecting this information and holding onto recorded information for at least one month.
  • The only exception to the health attestation or having a check-in process would be visitors coming to campus for 15 minutes or less.
  • Health Attestation Forms and visitor logs should be turned in to the Administrative Services Office on a monthly basis.
  • Offices who welcome visitors (for example, Admission, Alumni, etc.) must have clear language on their website and office spaces discouraging walk-in visitors. Buildings that welcome visitors frequently should also have adjusted signage on the outside of each building entrance.
  • Departments should have disposable face masks available if a visitor is unable to provide their own.

Departments bringing Limited visitors to campus should limit indoor exposure outside of their main building. Should the need arise to enter multiple buildings, the buildings entered should be recorded with the visitors health attestation form post-visit by the department.

Should Allowed or Limited visitors visit multiple buildings on campus for deliveries or other circumstances, their check-in space should be either Campus Safety or Facilities Management depending on the nature of their visit. The responsible department must track the buildings the visitor/vendor plans on entering when they check-in.