Due to the transition to distance learning and social distancing, RHA transition will take place through a variety of electronic platforms.   

Mission Statement

RHA encourages student development through educational and social programming that provides a forum to share ideas and common concerns, and establishes an effective and representative advocate body for residence hall related issues.

RHA Statement of Accountability

As student representatives at Pacific Lutheran University we are responsible for planning events that showcase diversity and uplift marginalized voices and experiences. We pledge to hold inclusive events in a wide variety of spaces and equitably allocate funds and promotional support to clubs and organizations. We will hold Residence Hall Councils and other campus organizations accountable for creating events that are inclusive, educational, and equitable. It is vital that we take it upon ourselves to collaborate with the PLU community while centering and giving space to people within it who hold marginalized identities.

RHA will not stand for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, elitism, ableism, xenophobia, or discrimination in any capacity and stands in solidarity with those who hold historically marginalized identities. It is the job of those who hold privilege to do continual training and educational work. As we acknowledge this, RHA will have intentional training around racial bias, systems of oppression, and social justice to show the commitment to our mission