PLU National Residence Hall Honorary

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is an honorary society consisting of the top 1% of on campus leaders.  PLU’s Residence Hall Association enacted this program the fall of 2014. The goals of NRHH are to promote leadership, service, and recognition for students who have improved the PLU hall communities.

How to Get Involved

Contact RHA to be put in contact with PLU NRHH’s current President. Inductions are held regularly at least once a year, and are open to all PLU students. Even if you are not an inducted member of NRHH, you can participate in NRHH-sponsored events or submit an “Of the Month” (OTMs). OTMs are nominations for students, staff, and other members of the University who have been exceptional in the past month. Anyone can submit an OTM. The best nominations are chosen nationally to be featured.

National Residence Hall Honorary Logo