Programming & Advocacy

One of Pacific Lutheran University’s main goals is to create a community in which all students know they belong. RHA strives to plan and promote programs are inclusive, thoughtful, and intentional. All programs RHA supports have a common goal of fostering community across campus. Please join us at any of the RHA-sponsored events – you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time!

RHA is actively involved in providing programs that students enjoy attending. Here is a sample of some of these activities:

RHA Signature Events

  • Block Party
  • Sweater Swap
  • Gender and Sexuality Week
  • Late Night Breakfast

RHA Events

  • Belton’s Coffee Hour
  • Sustainable Hygiene
  • Your Life in Color
  • General Assemblies
  • Lute Locker Care Packages

RHA 2019-2020 Sponsored Events

  • Rock the Vote
  • For The Culture
  • LGBTQ+ Coffee Chats
  • Celebration of Light
  • Room Expo
  • Murder Mystery Night
  • Fall Fest
  • Coming soon: PLU Talks