Why We Program

One of Pacific Lutheran University’s main goals is to create a community in which all types of students feel  they belong.  RHA sponsors programs that foster this campus wide goal of creating an inclusive community.  Programs include  hall competitions, celebrations, and opportunities for personal growth.  Each program has a specific set of goals and the program is designed to meet these while challenging participants with personal growth.  Programming is one of the main functions of RHA.  This year RHA is incorporating the theme of Advocacy into many of its campus events.  Please join us at one of the RHA sponsored events–you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time!

RHA Sponsored Events

RHA is actively involved in providing programs that students enjoy attending.  Here is a sample of some of these activities:

  • Block Party
  • UnPLUgged
  • Gender and Sexuality Week
  • PLU’s Got Talent
  • Late Night Breakfast

RHC Sponsored Events

Every hall puts on at least one all campus event during the year.  At these events, all students across campus are invited and encouraged to attend.  It is up to the RHCs to determine what their event will be, with help from RHA.  For more information, visit the RHC page.

  • Ordal: Casino Night
  • Hinderlie: Toga Party
  • Hong: Discoteca
  • Pflueger: Pfright Night
  • Stuen: Barbecue
  • Tingelstad: Carnival
  • Harstad: Play Date
  • South and Kreidler: Fire and Ice