What is RHC?

Residence Hall Council’s strive to create an accepting, diverse, open, and safe living environment in which our residents can expect to be treated equally and respectfully. The purpose of these organizations is to promote unity and fellowship, achieve high scholarship, and to encourage responsible leadership within the community at Pacific Lutheran University. 

Who is on RHC?

RHC is an election based organization that is overseen by Residence Hall Association and each halls Community Director. There is an RHC for each hall and each RHC has four positions.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Diversity, Justice and Sustainability Director
  • Outreach and Specialty Director

To learn more about RHC please feel free to email RHA at rha@plu.edu.

What does RHC do?

RHC’s strive to create and fund programs in each residence hall for the residents of that hall or for all PLU residents. RHC also discussed and make’s decisions about hall advocacy and what the hall community needs. Some program examples are: 

  • Harstad’s Play-date
  • Tingelstad’s Carnival
  • Hinderlie Haunted House
  • Hong Discoteca
  • South’s Fire and Ice
  • Ordal Casino Night
  • Stuen Social
  • Pflueger Pfright Night

Every year RHC’s are able to come up with new event ideas. Check out photos of Hinderlie’s Murder Mystery night that happened J-term 2020.