Heze Goodwin

RHA President

Heze Goodwin

Office Location:Anderson University Center - Room 173

  • Biography


Hezekiah (Heze) Goodwin will be serving as RHA’s President for this upcoming school year. Previously, he has served as RHC’s Vice President, well as an RHC member for Tstad, and an RA for both Tstad and South respectively. He is also a member of the Track and Field and Cross Country teams, where he holds the spot of team captain for track. Outside of the school setting, he enjoys social activism, being a member of the Black Student Union, he seeks to educate his family and peers on pressuring issues such as inequality and social injustices. He will be doing a Plus year this upcoming fall, majoring in Kinesiology with the intent of becoming an Athletic Director in the future. His overall goals for the year regarding RHA are to build and inclusive campus, specifically targeting to have more interactions between upper and lower campus. In his personal time, he loves to stay active through sports or dancing. Family time is incredibly important and is valued dearly to him.