Student Sustainability Committee

The SSC is the Student Sustainability Committee and is a collaboration between ASPLU, GREAN club and RHA, so that students may work on making PLU more sustainable while the University Sustainability Committee is being finalized. We’re currently working on four projects. First, the Commons Team is working to ensure the Commons is as sustainable as possible: making plasticware an option for students to grab rather than placing them in food orders automatically is one of the efforts we’ve established with the Commons. Then, there is the Carbon Neutrality Team where they are exploring how capable PLU is of becoming carbon neutral as there was a resolution passed several years ago that we would achieve that by 2020, and the university has not. Then, we have the Sustainability Toolkit Team which is making a toolkit on how to be sustainable at PLU. So far we have a written toolkit and a sustainability presentation, and we’re working a video as well. Finally, we’re drafting a list of recommendations for the University to follow in order to make the university better aligned with Sustainability values as well as Diversity and Justice.
Thank you to the SCC of 2020-2021:
  • Kenzie Knapp
  • Marae Tidwell
  • Andre Jones
  • Dylan Ruggeri
  • Monroe Torkelson
  • Seth Gabauer
  • Sage Warner
  • Emily Moore
  • Margaret Murdoch
  • Hunter Hobbs

Student Positions

Ask these people about student activities regarding Sustainability.

    • ASPLU Sustainability Director (Kenzie Knapp 2020-2021)
    • RHA Sustainability Director (Hunter Hobbs 2020-2021)

Waste Diversion

Ask these people about the ins and outs of how waste (trash, recycling, compost, etc) is handled.

    • Raymond Orr- head of Waste Diversion
    • Kevin Ramsdell -Waste Diversion Supervisor
    • Jessica Hoffart- Waste Division Coordinator and SurPLUs Manager


Ask these people about how the Commons and other campus restaurants work and their sustainability policies.

    • Wendy Robbins- Commons Operations Manager
    • Josh Girnus- Director of Retail Sales

Diversity Center

Ask these people about how Sustainability, Diversity, and Justice go hand in hand.

    • Nicole Juliano- Head of the Dcenter and knows a lot of PLU’s institutional knowledge and history regarding Sustainability
    • DCenter Advocates- These positions change, but many hold interest in sustainability and will love to hear your ideas/thoughts.