Office of AdvancementRieke Science Center

Phase I – Renovation of the Existing Facility

The transformed Rieke Science Center will provide 88,500 sq. ft. of classroom and research space for biology, chemistry, computer science, geosciences, physics and the environmental studies program.

Phase II – Construction of a New Greenhouse

The proposed greenhouse (approx. 1500 square feet) and attached laboratory (approx. 800 square feet) would be located southwest of the Rieke Science Center and southeast of the Morken Center for Learning and Technology near the faculty and staff parking lot. The greenhouse/laboratory will support both teaching and research activities for faculty and students in the biology department at PLU and also serve the greater community through outreach and collaborative activities.

Key Attributes

Once both phases are complete, the Rieke Science Center will feature:

●   Several state-of-the-art student and faculty research labs
●   Teaching labs and classrooms
●   Improved lighting and circulation
●   New equipment and updated technology
●   New greenhouse to support student and faculty research
●   Refurbished main lecture hall
●   Refurbished faculty offices