Independent International Travel

If you plan to travel abroad on an independent program (not a Wang Center program) that meets any of the these three categories, you must complete the process as described below.

Independent International Travel is defined as:

  • Funded by PLU
  • Used to meet a PLU degree requirement and/or
  • For PLU credit*

* Only students who plan to earn Independent Study Credit must complete the course registration components of these instructions. All other requirements apply to all three categories of independent travel.

NOTE: If you are pursuing an international internship, contact the Assistant Director for Career and Experiential Learning.

1. Verify that the destination does not have a current US State Department Travel Advisory; PLU does not support travel to areas with an active level 3 or 4 Travel Advisory.

2. Schedule an appointment with Sue Liden, Director of Risk Services, to request the required forms and review PLU’s international travel insurance coverage (

3. Submit Required Forms as indicated no later than the last day of the term before the proposed independent travel or four weeks prior to scheduled date of independent travel whichever date is earliest:

4. Register for STEP