Appropriations Policy

Appropriations with the Student Activities Board of Pacific Lutheran University encourages student clubs and organizations to plan and implement programs and activities for students. This is a fund of $12,000 for each academic year that will be overseen by an Appropriations Board, a Board compiled of the Student Activities Board Director, the ASPLU Finance Director, the Student Activities Board Programmer, a Clubs and Organizations Intern, and an Advisor.

Clubs and Organizations are encouraged to ask for funds from Appropriations in a couple of ways. With limitations of funds it is important that Clubs and Organizations hoping to receive funds from the Appropriations Account have prepared for the Appropriations Board all the proper information about their intended program or activity. It is the responsibility of the Club or Organization asking for funds to time their requests appropriately, understanding that they will be notified within 10 days of their Appropriations request; with the exception of school breaks including summer, winter, J-term, and spring breaks.

Due to fund transfer policy changes in February of 2017, all transfer of funds will happen through either reimbursement or finite purchasing card expenses. This means that unless your club or organization has already made the purchases with documentation of purchase or can prove the actual total cost of a program event with a finite amount, the funds will not be allocated.

If a Club or Organization is looking to ask for less than $500 they should propose to the Appropriations Board a projected cost, with detail of where the money is going, and intended outcomes of their program or activity for students.

If a Club or Organization is looking to ask for funds equal to or exceeding $500 they should prepare a presentation for the Appropriations Board that gives the projected cost, a detailed account of what or where the money is going to, intended outcomes of their program, benefits to the clubs and organizations student experience, and an argumentation about why more than $500 should be allocated to their program.

Please take into account the following when asking for funds from Appropriations:

Approved Appropriations Funds: 

  • Travel fees for service trips
  • Catering and Food for on-campus events or programs for all students
  • Publicity and Advertising specific to events
  • Funds needed for any on-campus events open to all PLU students
  • Documentaries, Films, or Performances
  • Speakers or Educational Events related to student programming

Appropriations Does Not Fund: 

  • Conference or Events Fees *
  • Club Membership Dues or Curriculum Fees
  • General Operations (Office Supplies, club advertisement, etc.)
  • Recurring Events (Weekly Meetings)
  • Fundraising Events
  • Charity**
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Airfare or International Travel
  • Personal Expenses
  • Funding requests that come in after an event has already occurred
  • Reimbursements for previous purchases
  • Funding to attend events that directly or indirectly support a political party or candidate
  • The sole amount of a request exceeding $2000


A Club or Organization may appeal the Appropriations Board’s decision about funds. Appeals must be submitted within a week of the committee’s final decision. Decisions about appeals will be finalized within two weeks of the filing of an appeal. The following are a list of circumstances that would constitute the need for an appeal:

  1. The decision comes back informing the club about a lack of information about the requested program’s fund.
  2. If the Appropriations Committee fails to adhere to Appropriations guidelines, deadlines, procedures, and policies.
  3. If the Appropriations Committee was inconsistent and arbitrary in allocation.

* Conferences and Events Fees are understood by the Appropriations Board as entry fees, attendance fees, etc. for conferences that require a club or organization to register through an outside entity.

**The Appropriations Board will not fund money directly to charity, but will aid in funding charitable events and programs.