We offer a wide variety of activities ranging from afternoons to nights.  These programs are headed by our wonderful programmers including our DJS Programmer, Community Outreach Programmer and our two Entertainment Programmers.

Some of these actives include our weekday HUMP activities that happen on Wednesday nights and serve as de-stressor activities for students to turn to in the middle of the week.

We also have Late Night programming that usually takes place on weekend nights and serves as an alcohol alternative for students.

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What is HUMP?

Hump is the middle of the week activity SAB puts on that happens in The Cave on Wednesdays. The times, activities and themes vary from week to week. Hump activities are meant as a break from the business of the week.

HUMP takes place on the first, third, and fourth Wednesday of the month at 9.00pm. A special commuter HUMP takes place at 4:00pm on the second Wednesday of every month.

Some past Hump activities include: Cookies and Commuter meet-and-greet, Luau Hula training, and guided study sessions. Hump Activities are planned by our Programmers on a rotating basis to ensure the most diversity in our programs.

What is a Late Night Activity?

Not to be confused with the esteemed “Late Knight” talk show hosted by Sam Ellefson, our Late Night activities are a thing on their own.

SAB puts these activities on as a weekend night alcohol alternative for Lutes. These activities can be on or off campus usually depending on the theme and the programmers goals for the night. Light out Hump activities, Late Night programming rotates through our programmers to ensure the widest variety of ideas, demographics and involvement.

Some previous Late Night programs include a bowling night, swing dancing lessons and cookie decorating.

What is a programmer?

We have three distinct positions for programming in SAB.

The first is our Community Outreach programmer who focuses on collaboration with clubs and organizations as well as with the greater PLU community.

The second is our DJS programmer who focuses on Diversity, Justice and Sustainability. This job partners with the Diversity Center as well as with the Women’s center to ensure a diverse representation in all SAB programs.

The third are our two Entertainment programmers. These positions focus on planning and implementing events that offer students fun and socially diverse opportunities throughout their student experience