Introduction to Health & Safety

Dear PLU Faculty, Staff, and Students:

This handbook is designed to provide an overview of Pacific Lutheran University’s health and safety system and to answer frequently asked questions. It is intended to be a valuable reference for your office, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with its contents.

We all strive to become better informed and to follow good safety practices. Please be aware of general safety practices for the workplace and know what to do in the event of an emergency. Many of you have safety responsibilities specific to your position description and will need additional information.

Supervisors, in particular, must be familiar with workplace safety and documentation responsibilities.

Those of you working, teaching, and conducting research in laboratories may need more information about working safely with chemical, radioactive, and other special laboratory hazards at PLU. This handbook tells you how to obtain that information.

The Environmental Health & Safety Manager is responsible for assisting the PLU community in implementing workplace health and safety policies and procedures. If you have any questions regarding safety concerns while at PLU, speak with your supervisor or call the Environmental Health & Safety Manager at 253-535-7233.

Mission Statement

Environmental Health & Safety supports the university mission to educate for lives of Thoughtful Inquiry, Service, Leadership, and Care by assisting instructors, researchers, students, administrators, and staff in making sure every member of this community goes home at the end of the day… with their limbs and their health.


The document Health and Safety at Stanford: Introduction and Overview from Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) at Stanford University was used with permission as the basis for Introduction to Health and Safety at PLU.  PLU’s Environmental Health and Safety Manager prepared the document. It was reviewed by the university safety committee, other interested or affected employees, and the Vice President of Finance & Operations, Sheri Tonn.