Chapter Two: Health & Safety Documentation

The university wishes to create a safe and healthy work and learning environment for all of its employees and students. Employees play a critical role in ensuring that PLU meet this objective.

In the event of an accident or injury on the job, each employee is covered by the Washington State Industrial Insurance Program (Worker’s Compensation). Injury reports help the university process insurance claims and investigate and correct hazardous work conditions. The safety committee also reviews each injury report.

  • Report job-related injuries to your supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Supervisors must investigate all reported accidents to determine root causes.
  • PLU will correct causes leading to the injury.
  • As soon as the injured party is physically able to fill out the injury report, the injured employee should complete and mail the form to Human Resource Services.

Hazard reports identify hazardous equipment, environments, or practices that could cause injury, death, or occupational disease to an employee or student.

  • Report hazards to your supervisor immediately upon discovery.
  • Work with your supervisor to correct the hazard
  • Supervisors must take action to correct the hazard.
  • Report uncorrected hazards to the Environmental Health & Safety Manager by calling x7233 or submitting a safety hazard report form.

Washington Administrative Code 296-800-160 requires PLU to assess the hazards associated with a job and to assign appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). The assessment must be documented and maintained by the supervisor. The Environmental Health & Safety Manager may assist with the assessment.

  • Supervisors must identify the tasks and hazards associated with each job position.
  • Supervisors must assign PPE as indicated by the assessment.
  • The assessment must be written. The Environmental Health & Safety Manager can provide assistance.