Shadows and Echoes, New Series is a journal devoted to the craft of translation, produced under the auspices of the Department of Languages and Literatures at Pacific Lutheran University. The journal understands the practice of translation in an encompassing way: not only as the important task of making available literature written originally in other languages, but also as an act of cultural interpretation. Translation entails elucidating rich and diverse cultural values with the aim of creating aesthetic experiences that parallel those in the original language. For this reason, Shadows and Echoes believes that the act of translation can foster deeper understanding among seemingly distant cultures: an endeavor all the more urgent in our globalized yet fragmentary world.

Each spring Shadows and Echoes publishes brief literary translations accompanied by the original text, reviews of books and journals about the theory and practice of literary translation, as well as essays on translation broadly understood, including the challenges of literary translation, cultural interpretation, and contextual interpolation. In addition, Shadows and Echoes publishes a “Rondò,” or the translation of a single poem into multiple languages and then back into its original language. The editors invite submissions of translations of literary texts (accompanied by the original) from or into Catalan, Chinese, French, German, classical Greek, Latin, Norwegian, and Spanish, as well as reflections on the process or product of translating form or content from one context to another.

Editorial Board
September 2015


The ideal reader of Shadows and Echoes, New Series is intensely interested in the interplay of multiple cultures, particularly but not exclusively those of different linguistic traditions. Contributors will share this interest in cultural inquiry. We welcome literary translations with or without explanatory essays, essays on the nature or process of translation, book reviews and critiques of translations, and always, experiments in translation.