The School of Arts and Communication is a community of artists and scholars – students, faculty, and staff – dedicated to the fulfillment of the human spirit through creative expression and careful scholarship. The School offers professional education to artists and communicators within the framework of a liberal arts education. The school encourages all of its members to pursue their artistic and scholarly work in an environment that challenges complacency, nurtures personal growth, and maintains a strong culture of collegial integrity.

Members of the School of Arts and Communication strive to create art and scholarship that acknowledges the past, defines the present, and anticipates the future. Art & design, communication, music, and theatre are mediums of understanding and change that reward those who participate in them, whether as artist, scholar, learner, or audience. Performances by students, faculty, and guests of the school enhance the cultural prosperity shared by Pacific Lutheran University and its surrounding environs. The school promotes venues for collaboration between artists and scholars, among artistic and intellectual media, and between the university and the community.


About our logo:

SOAC line white

The rune in the School of Arts and Communication logo is based on an ancient Viking rune representing creativity and expression. It can also be viewed as an abstraction of hands coming together—people working collaboratively, ideas being shared, a community of artistic expression.  While the original rune had two independent lines, our representation includes a circle around creative space to represent a sense of community and completion of artistic expression in a nurturing environment.  Putting the two sides in this proximity gives the appearance of hands coming together, which suits the sense not only of communal support and strength but also, of course, the use of skilled hands, one’s own and others’, working jointly on art and craft.  The two lines come together to ‘hold’ a space for creativity.