Dean's Award for Excellence

The SOAC Dean’s Award for Excellence, inaugurated in Spring 2015, is awarded each year to between five and ten extraordinary graduating students. Students selected for these awards have more than a high GPA or success in coursework. They deserve campus recognition for academic and creative endeavors that might not otherwise be celebrated. The Dean’s Award honors students for exceptional, tangible accomplishments in one (or more) of the following areas:

  • Independent research, student/faculty research or creative project
  • A presentation or publication for a regional or national audience
  • Regional or national academic competitions
  • Superior performance in the performing arts
  • Superior artistic creation in the studio arts
  • Leadership or significant contribution to collaborative success in recognized curricular or co-curricular organizations

Deadline: Friday, April 29, 2022 at 5:00 pm

Faculty nominate students for the Dean’s Award via an online process. Final award decisions are made by the Dean in consultation with area chairs and directors. The award recipients are announced and honored at the annual SOAC Recognition Ceremony and receive a cash award.



Maya Adams ’21 (Music Education)
Bryant Bartlett ’21 (Studio Arts, Graphic Design)
Ben Leschensky ’21 (Communication)
Hallie Harper ’21 (Communication)
Aria Manning ’21 (Chemistry)
Margaret Matthews ’21 (Studio Arts, Sculpture)
Monique Otter-Johnson ’21 (Theatre, Design/Technical)
Cassie Paulsen ’21 (Theatre, Acting/Directing)
Morgan Roberts ’21 (Theatre, Musical Theatre)
Benjamin Woodbury ’21 (Music Education)


Rachel Bridges ’20 (Nursing)
Joyce Harden ’20 (Studio Arts)
Hanna McCauley ’20 (Communication)
Chris Nussbaum ’20 (Communication)
Lilian Oellerich ’20 (Theatre, Technical)
Frank Saxton ’20 (Music, Performance)


Lydia Bill ’19 (Music Arts)
Mark Burch ’19 (Music Education)
Siobhan Chachere ’19 (Communication)
Mackenzie Cooper ’18 (Communication)
Julia Grosvenor ’19 (Communication)
Matthew Kusche ’19 (Music, Peformance)
Julie Landes ’19 (Music Education)
Marissa Moultrie ’19 (Music, Performance)
Cecelia Schilling ’19 (Studio Arts)
Aiyana Stephens ’19 (Theatre, Technical)
Nayonni Watts ’19 (Theatre, Acting/Directing)


Madisen Crowley ’18 (Theatre)
Shelden Doyle ’18 (Studio Arts)
Pablo Hernandez ’18 (Music Education)
Kelly Lavelle ’18 (Studio Arts)
Adam Masucci ’18 (Music Education)
Dane Ostlie-Olson ’18 (Theatre)
Matthew Salzano ’18 (Communication)
Ingrid Smith ’18 (Music Education)


Cara Gillespie ’17 (Communication)
Emilio Gonzalez ’17 (Composition)
Kaitlyn Hall ’17 (Communication)
Shelondra Harris ’17 (Communication)
Laura Hillis ’17 (Anthropology and Global Studies)
Rebecca Johnson ’17 (Studio Arts)
Jennifer Kimura ’17 (Studio Arts)
Sarah Martin ’17 (Music Education)
Jacob Viramontes ’17 (Theatre)


Taylor Hardman ’16 (Studio Arts)
Sarah Henderson ’16 (Studio Arts)
Sarah Hubert ’16 (Theatre & minor in Music)
Samantha Lund ’16 (Communication)
Maxfield Marcus ’16 (Music Education)
Amanda Williams ’16 (Communication)


Amanda Brasgalla ’15 (Communication, Global Peacekeeping)
Taylor Cox ’15 (Art and Design, Studio Arts)
Mitchell Helton ’15 (Theatre, Acting/Directing)
Anne Herzog ’15 (Music, Vocal Performance)
Samuel Horn ’15 (Communication, Journalism)
Michael Plagerman ’15 (Music, Organ)
Amy Van Cleave ’15 (Music, Education)
 Whatley ’15 (Music, Composition)