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Audition Scholarships in February

Posted by: Date: March 9, 2018

By Kate Williams
Outreach Manager

During the weekend of February 23rd, PLU’s School of Arts and Communication hosted more than 250 prospective students on campus to audition for annual Artistic Achievement Awards. Early auditions for Music and Theatre also occurred in January. Prospective students auditioned, interviewed, and had portfolios reviewed for awards in Art & Design, Dance, Music, Speech and Debate (Forensics) and Theatre.

School of Arts and Communication Artistic Achievement Awards are offered to incoming students in amounts ranging up to $10,000 per year, and are in addition to any academic merit scholarship students may have received. Awards are renewable for up to three years and students are eligible to apply for awards in multiple areas.

“The total number of students that auditioned this year is impressive,” said SOAC Dean, Cameron Bennett. “In addition, the talent, skill, and potential exhibited by this year’s prospective students were at an incredibly high level.”

After faculty deliberations, prospective students that auditioned will be receiving award results very soon.