SOAC students blog about their J-term adventures abroad

Two SOAC classes are having an adventure of their lifetime. Read up on the classes’ daily activities and find out what students have been learning.

The Birthplace of Western Music – Vienna

Professor Edwin Powell and music students have been exploring “The Birthplace of Western Music” in Vienna, which is often called the “Capital of Classical Music.”

The small area was the central location for many of the finest musicians of the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Classical music traditions still flourish and the Austrians take great pride in presenting programs “as they were.” Students are studying the worlds of these great composers by experiencing their art and culture first hand.

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Storytelling: Media and the Arts of the UAE – Dubai

Under the direction of Art and Design Chair Jp Avila, students are exploring “Storytelling: Media and the Arts of the UAE” in Dubai, a part of the world which is still not completely understood by westerners. Students are able to learn first hand about the modernization of this society that was at one point nomadic and has very recently turned into a fledgling metropolis. Students are exploring the unique understanding of visual culture and the arts as it pertains to the creation and continuing growth of a society. They are looking for the stories of the past, present and future – through those who produce the arts in the Emirates as well as those from outside who tell artistic stories “about” them.

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