Division of Social Sciences

The university sponsors Faculty Excellence Awards to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the faculty in five areas of faculty work: teaching, advising, mentoring, research and service. The recipients have been nominated and selected by their peers, signifying their high regard among those who know them well.

Excellence in Teaching

To recognize a teacher who embodies the qualities of excellent teaching, as measured by such skills as the ability to communicate knowledge effectively, to inspire in students a love of learning, and the willingness to go “above and beyond” in working with students in and outside of class.

Michelle Ceynar (Psychology, 2015)
Rebekah Mergenthal (History, 2012)
Ann Kelleher (Political Science, 2011)
Marianne Taylor (Psychology, 2010)
Peter Grosvenor (Global Studies and Sociology, 2008)
Joanna Gregson (Sociology, 2004)
Dana Anderson (Psychology, 2001)

Excellence in Advising

To recognize a faculty advisor who embodies the qualities of effective and caring concern for student academic progress, as measured by skill at helping students plan their academic schedule, navigate the challenges of college life, and make well-chosen life and career decisions.

Priscilla St. Clair (Economics, 2017)
Laura McCloud (Sociology, 2015)
Karen Travis (Economics, 2012)
JoDee Keller (Social Work, 2011)
Beth Kraig (History, 2004)
Richard Jobst (Sociology, 2001)

K.T. Tang Awards for Excellence in Research

The awards recognize faculty scholars who have made significant contributions to their disciplines through dissemination of rigorous, substantial, and on-going research activities employing methodologies appropriate to their disciplines; recent accomplishments are especially relevant.

Corey Cook (Psychology, 2021)
Sara Finley (Psychology, 2017)
Jon Grahe (Psychology, 2012)
Maria Chavez – Pringle (Political Science, 2011)
Teru Toyokawa (Psychology, 2011)
Mike Halvorson (History, 2009)
Anna Leon-Guerrero (Sociology, 2009)
Wendelyn Shore (Psychology, 2008)
Robert Erickson (History, 2005)

Excellence in Service

To recognize a faculty member who embodies the university mission of “service, leadership, and care,” by demonstrating academic leadership and influence in the life of the university through service in the areas of faculty governance, the university generally, our academic community, and community and profession beyond the university.

Michelle Ceynar (Psychology, 2021)
Anna Leon-Guerrero (Sociology, 2014)
Norris Peterson (Economics, 2012)
Ann Kelleher (Political Science, 2006)

Excellence in Mentoring

A mentor is one who, through experience, caring, and knowledge, makes a profound difference in the life of another by being a role model, a confidant, a critic, a friend, a teacher, and a co-learner.

David Ward (Marriage and Family Therapy, 2012)
Beth Kraig (History, 2011)
Joanna Gregson (Sociology, 2009)
Lynn Hunnicutt (Economics, 2008)
Sid Olufs (Political Science, 2006)
Dana Anderson (Psychology, 2002)

Awards for Overall Achievement

Prior to 2001, Faculty Excellence Awards were given to faculty who exhibited excellence in all three of the main areas of faculty performance: teaching, scholarship, and service.

Anna Leon-Guerrero (Sociology, 2000)
Laura Klein (Anthropology, 1999)
E. Wayne Carp (History, 1998)
Donald Wentworth (Economics, 1993)
Christopher Browning (History, 1992)
Norris Peterson (Economics, 1991)
Beth Kraig (History, 1991)
Christopher Browning (History, 1989)
Ann Kelleher (Political Science, 1989)
Ed Clausen (Political Science, 1987)
Stanley Brue (Economics, 1986)