Division of Social Sciences

The faculty within the Division of Social Sciences seek to provide a challenging education in the social sciences that critically analyzes the past and the present social history and structures of human interaction. Instruction is vibrant and relevant to the time and world in which we live and encourages responsible citizenship for today and tomorrow. Through classroom learning and applied settings such as supervised internships, students in the social sciences acquire an understanding of society while developing the analytical tools with which to provide solutions to a diverse range of social problems.

The Division of Social Sciences fully supports interdisciplinary programs. In addition, Social Sciences faculty also participate actively in other interdisciplinary programs including Chinese Studies, Environmental Studies, Global Studies, Innovation Studies, International Honors Program, and Native American and Indigenous Studies.

The Forest Foundation Severtson Undergraduate Fellowship supports students conducting research in the social sciences.

Degrees Offered

As a division within the College of Arts and Sciences, the Division of Social Sciences offers programs in each constituent department leading to the B.A. degree.

Additionally, a B.S. degree is offered in Psychology and an M.A. degree is offered in Marriage and Family Therapy.

See also sections specific to affiliated degrees and programs for Chinese Studies, Environmental Studies, Global Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies.