Guests on Campus and at PLU Events

Students who bring guests onto campus and to PLU events are responsible for informing the guest(s) of conduct appropriate at the university and may be held responsible for the conduct of the guest(s) during the visit. Each student, upon showing her/his PLU ID card, may bring a maximum of three guests to scheduled university events for which no fee is charged. Those events that charge a fee reserve the right to limit the number of guests each student may bring if appropriate.

The university reserves the right to declare a guest unwelcome, when the guest has violated a regulation, code, or rule. Guest behavior that violates this policy may result in separation from all university grounds, facilities and services. Persons who are designated as Restricted From Campus (RFC) are not allowed to be guests on campus, reside in PLU housing or attend PLU off-campus events.

Guests who are violators of this policy are viewed as trespassers and are subject to arrest. (See also, Visitation and Guests in Residence Halls)

Last Modified: October 28, 2014 at 6:22 pm