Residence Hall Communities

The quality of PLU’s residential communities is everyone’s responsibility. Residential students are responsible for all activity in their rooms, even if a guest or visitor allegedly commits the violation. Individuals residing in South Hall are responsible for all activity in common areas of their apartment as well as the bedroom to which they are assigned. Off-campus students are expected to abide by Residential Life policies when visiting the halls.

Students who are present when a policy is being violated are expected to remove themselves from the room/situation and are encouraged to report the violation. Students who do not leave will be documented on an incident report and referred to the Student Rights and Responsibilities System.

Residential Life Policies are detailed in the PLU Housing Contract, the PLU Housing Guide and the brochure Living on Campus. These publications are available in the Residential Life Office and on the departmental website.

Last Modified: October 28, 2014 at 6:22 pm