I. Introduction

The Student Rights and Responsibilities system is part of the university’s commitment to holistic student development. It is the university’s purpose to assist students in

  1. developing a personal set of values and ethics;
  2. managing emotions;
  3. making decisions and following through on commitments;
  4. becoming independent;
  5. recognizing interdependence; and
  6. accepting the consequences of personal actions and decisions.

There are times when incidents of reported misconduct may warrant a review by members of the university community. Student Rights and Responsibilities proceedings are neither an end in themselves nor the primary means of developing responsible student conduct. Student development is more likely to take place through education and example than through disciplinary measures. Nonetheless, there will be occasions when the university will assert its disciplinary authority for the safety and well-being of the university community.

The Student Rights and Responsibilities System seeks to provide a fair and equitable process for reviewing and responding to incidents. In addressing disciplinary concerns, PLU’s Student Rights and Responsibilities System supports the concept of community review and implements this concept through “Review Meetings.” This means that situations that violate university policies, rules, regulations, and standards will be reviewed by students, staff, and faculty members drawn from within the PLU community. In addition, the university may also contact parents or guardians when students are referred to the Student Rights and Responsibilities System and/or notify parents or guardians of outcomes and/or imposed sanctions.

The PLU Student Rights and Responsibilities System Procedures have been developed with the goal that all students involved in any disciplinary matter are treated with fairness and in a manner consistent with other students. Review Meetings give all parties the opportunity to identify concerns, explain perceptions, explore behavior, and hear suggestions. The emphasis is placed on student behavior and the relationship of behavior to commitments and responsibilities inherent in accepting membership into the university community.

Inherent in the Student Rights and Responsibilities System is an element of flexibility that enables the university to address core issues of behavior. Since each student is an individual, and no two incidents are alike, each incident will be handled individually. PLU reserves the right to modify procedures and sanctions in individual cases and with individual students when, in PLU’s sole discretion, such modification is in the best interest of the university community. Each person may not receive the same sanction for a similar policy violation, but each sanction given will be within a general framework of consistency and fairness.

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