Ubuntu Award Recipients 2015

Ubuntu Award Recipients 2015

Andrew Allen
Majors: Religion, Global Studies
Involvement: Resident Assistant with Additional Duties, Admission Ambassador Tour Guide, Community Review Board Member. Studied Away in Italy and Greece.

Dani Andrews
Major: Mathematics
Involvement: Resident Assistant with Additional Duties, Residence Hall Council member, Mathematical Olympiad Coach. Studied Away in Namibia.

Sam Angel
Major: Geosciences
Involvement: Tennis Team Captain, Admissions Ambassador, Sports Information Assistant.

Olivia Ash
Majors: Hispanic Studies, Communication
Involvement: LASR General Manager, MediaLab Public Relations Associate, Chief Videographer for MediaLab’s documentary, “Waste Not: Breaking Down the Food Equation.” Studied Away in Spain.

Leah Butters
Major: Environmental Studies
Involvement: Geoscience Teaching Assistant, Environmental Studies Committee student representative, PLU softball team.

Emma DaFoe
Majors: Business Administration, German
Involvement: Sojourner Advocate, IES Ambassador, Ordal Residence Hall Council Vice President. Studied Away in Germany.

Ariel Esterbrook
Major: Elementary Education
Involvement: Leadership Fellow, Residential Assistant, UG Education Ambassador. Studied Away in Washington, D.C.

Anne- Marie Falloria
Major: Communication
Involvement: Residence Hall Association President, MediaLab Public Relations and Advertising Team Lead, Residence Hall Association Public Relations Director.

Naomi Forward
Major: Kinesiology
Involvement: New Student Orientation Guide for Transfer Students, New Student Orientation Coordinator, Lacrosse Team.

Aubrey Frimoth
Major: Environmental Studies
Involvement: Residence Hall Association Activities & Outreach Director, Sustainability Technician, Lute Nation Publicist. Studied Away in Trinidad & Tobago.

Nomium Gankhuyag
Major: Nursing
Involvement: International Student Services Programming Intern.

Elizabeth George
Major: Biology
Involvement: Residential Assistant, Resident Director Office Assistant.

Christina Hayes
Major: Business Administration
Involvement: Residence Hall Association Vice President, Residence Hall Association Leadership Development Director, ASPLU Senator.

Mitchell Helton
Major: Theatre
Involvement: Alpha Psi Omega President, SOAC Children’s Theatre Director, Theatre Department Tech Crew Student Supervisor. Studied Away in Namibia.

Gregory Hibbard
Majors: Geosciences, Economics
Involvement: PLU Football team captain, Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Co-Leader of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Nicole Jordan
Major: Social Work
Involvement: Diversity Advocate, Women’s Center Intern, Community Assistant. Studied Away in Trinidad & Tobago.

Evan Koepfler
Majors: Political Science
Involvement: Student Manager for Summer Conferences and Events, Sojourner Advocate, Political Science Tutor. Studied Away in China.

Kevin Long
Major: Kinesiology
Involvement: Resident Assistant with Additional Duties, Conference and Events Student Manager, Resident Assistant for Gender Neutral Wing.

Gavin Miller
Majors: Biology, Environmental Studies
Involvement: Member of Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, Habitat Restoration Director. Studied Away in Panama.

Isaac Moening-Swanson
Major: Geosciences
Involvement: ASPLU Sustainability Director, Ultimate Frisbee Captain, Environmental Science Teaching Assistant. Studied Away in Antarctica, Bolivia, and Peru.

Johanna Muller
Major: Nursing
Involvement: Relay for Life Co-Chair, Emerging Leaders Mentor, Boys and Girls Clubs of America mentor.

Aiko Nakagawa
Major: Psychology, Women’s and Gender Studies
Involvement: Residence Hall Association Sustainability Director, Sustainability Office Undergrad Research, New Student Orientation Guide. Studied Away in Holden Village.

Thea O’Brien
Major: Psychology
Involvement: Residence Hall Association Leadership Development Director, Mortar Board Secretary, National Residence Hall Honorary Director. Studied Away in Trinidad & Tobago and Washington, D.C.

Hallie E. Peterson
Major: Geosciences
Involvement: Resident Assistant, Senior Representative on Leadership Council for Women’s Varsity Rowing, Scandinavian Club President. Studied Away in Norway, Uruguay, and Indonesia.

Avelon Ragoonanan
Major: Theatre
Involvement: Dance Ensemble Choreographer/ Director. Studied Away in Trinidad & Tobago.

Allie Reynolds
Major: Communication
Involvement: Mast TV General Manager, Online Editor for The Mooring Mast, Former News @ Nine Producer.

Jesus Rosales
Majors: Chemistry, Physics
Involvement: Act Six Scholar, Physics Teaching Assistant, New Student Orientation Guide.

Farah Schumacher
Major: Nursing
Involvement: Undergraduate Student Representative for PLU School of Nursing, UPS Workshop Coordinator and Class Representative, School of Nursing Passport Weekend Coordinator.

Sarah Smith
Major: Political Science, Global Studies
Involvement: ASPLU Senator, ASPLU Diversity Director, ASPLU President. Studied Away in Norway, Cuba, and Indonesia.

Reland Tuomi
Major: Communication
Involvement: Residence Hall Council Activities & Outreach Director, The Mooring Mast Editor-in-Chief, The Mooring Mast News and Copy Editor.

Shelby Mae Winters
Major: Sociology
Involvement: Mortar Board Membership Chair, Student participant at the PLU Liberal Arts Experience Day of Thoughtful Inquiry, Cast Member of the Vagina Monologues. Studied Away in Scotland, England, and Hawaii.

Christian Wold
Major: History
Involvement: Administrative Intern for International Student Services, Campus Ministry Steward for Campus Ministry, Interfaith Council Co-Chair for Campus Ministry. Studied Away in Norway.