ABSN Cost of Attendance: 2022-23

The following are estimated costs to attend Pacific Lutheran University’s Accelerated Bachelor’s Program in Nursing starting in the 2022-23 academic year.

Please note that PLU gift aid or scholarship assistance is not available for the ABSN program. Students needing financial assistance should submit the 2022-23 FAFSA or WASFA, if eligible. Students who need assistance beyond what is available to them through the federal or state financial aid programs should consider a monthly payment plan or private student loan. Students can also search for outside scholarships. More information about searching for outside scholarships can be found on the PLU website; scroll down to number 5.

Table 1 below reflects direct costs for the entire program, which spans four terms over the course of two separate academic years. Tuition is charged each term on a per credit basis. The academic year at PLU is summer, fall, spring. Therefore, students will need to submit a new FAFSA or WASFA for each academic year.

Tables 2 and 3 reflect expenses that are not charged by PLU, but they are included in the cost of attendance. As such, students can apply for additional financial aid if they need funds for living expenses, such as room and meals, personal expenses, or transportation.

Table 1: ABSN Direct Costs

Type of CostEstimated Cost
Total ABSN program tuition (68 credits):$69,700 ($1,025 per credit)
Matriculation fee:$265
Technology fee:$384
Wellness Access fee (telehealth access):$156
Kaplan fee:$360
CB Bridges (background check):$120
CPNW (consortium):$400

Table 2: Living Off Campus

Type of CostEstimated Cost
Room and meals:$1,314/month
Personal expense allowance:$200/month
Transportation allowance:$72/month

Table 3: Living w/ Parents

Type of CostEstimated Cost
Room and meals:$402/month
Personal expense allowance:$200/month
Transportation allowance:$184/month

Books and Supplies

The allowance for books and supplies is $312 per term for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. The books and supplies allowance for Jterm is $78.