Cost of Attendance

2017-18 Overview

The following are estimated costs to attend Pacific Lutheran University in the 2017-18 academic year for fall and spring semesters (including J-Term). Estimates assume undergraduate, full-time enrollment, based on the living arrangements listed below. Room and meal costs for the on & off campus living budget assumes double occupancy and the cost of the on-campus standard meal plan.

Graduate students should consult the website of their graduate program for their respective tuition rate.

On & Off Campus Living

Type of CostEstimated Cost
Rooms & Meals*: $10,520
Wellness Plan*:$350
Green Fee*:$20
Books & Supplies:$840

Living with Parents

Type of CostEstimated Cost
Rooms & Meals*:$3,270
Wellness Plan*:$350
Green Fee*:$20
Books & Supplies:$840

*Will appear on university bill as university charges, including room and meal charges if living on campus.

Additional charges may be incurred for lab fees, private music lessons and ensembles, etc. Actual expenses for books and supplies will vary according to student’s class schedule and choice of either borrowing, renting, or purchasing new or used text books. Personal costs is an estimate and will vary by personal preferences and life style choices. Transportation for on or off campus living is equivalent to a monthly pass on Pierce Transit for nine months.

Estimate Your Cost

Use the Cost Estimator Worksheet to help calculate your owing/credit balance while attending PLU.

What information you will need for the Cost Estimator Worksheet:

  1. Review the Comprehensive Cost Breakdown below
  2. Your PLU Offer of Financial Aid (for current information go to your BannerWeb)

Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

Semester/TermCredit HoursFull-TimeCost
Fall or Spring12-17Yes$20,176 per semester
Fall or Springmore than 17Yes$20,176 per semester + $1,261 per credit hour over 17
J-Term1-5No additional cost up to 5 credit hours if full-time either Fall or Spring
Per Credit Hour1-11No$1,261 per credit hour

  • $720 per credit hour for regular on-campus courses.
  • $390 per credit hour for on-line courses.

These fees are charged in addition to tuition.

Credit HoursCost
2 or more$600

Adding a course(s) after the last day to add/drop date during a semester, is assessed a fee per transaction of $100.

The cost to order your official transcript is $10 plus a Student Clearinghouse processing fee for each transcript. Unofficial transcripts are at no cost.

A graduation fee is charged to baccalaureate and master’s degree candidates. The fee is charged to the student’s account during the semester/term the application is submitted online. The graduation fee is charged each time a student applies for graduation. The graduation fee is $100.

New students receive a free PLU ID card. To replace a lost, stolen or damaged ID card contact the Concierge Desk located in the Anderson University Center for the replacement fee.

Required for all domestic students. The cost by $350 per academic year or $175 by semester.

Offers financial support for student driven projects that advance diversity, social justice and sustainability in any aspect of PLU Life. This fee cannot be waived. The fee is $10 per semester (fall/spring).

Pass TypeCost per year
Resident/Commuter Students$50
South Hall Residents Only$130

Sign up for the PLU Master Housing & Meal Agreement. Read carefully for any additional fees, requirements & penalties.

Room TypeDesignationCost
Double RoomDesigned for 2 people$2,665
Single RoomDesigned for 1 person$3,330
Single/DoubleDesigned for 2 but contracted for 1$3,465
Single/Double*Upper Division$3,200

*Students who are eligible to live off-campus who contract for a single/double receive a reduced rate.

Although, there is no J-Term charge for students residing on campus for Fall and Spring semesters, students must cancel their J-Term housing if they are residing on campus for less than 7 days during J-Term. Students with active housing assignments for J-Term must have a Meal Plan. For J-Term room costs only contact the Department of Residential Life at 253-535-7200 or by email at

Room TypeCost
5 Bedroom Townhouse$3,200
2 Bedroom Townhouse$3,240
4 Bedroom Apartments$3,100
2 Bedroom Apartments$3,150
Studio A$3,340
Studio B$3,475
Studio C$3,475
Plan TypeCost
MP A$2,632
MP B$2,500
MP C $2,403
MP D$2,074
MP E*$994
MP F*$512
MP G*$512

*Only available to those residing in Kreidler, South Hall or Off-Campus.

Plan TypeCost
MP A$616
MP B$580
MP C$553
MP D$460
MP F*$160

*Only available to those residing in Kreidler, South Hall or Off-Campus.

Fall/Spring Tuition

  • 100% tuition refund if withdrawal occurs prior to the first day of class.
  • Refunds prorated on daily basis beginning the first day of class until 60% of the semester has elapsed.
  • Once 60% of semester has elapsed, no tuition refund.

Summer/J-Term Tuition

  • 100% refund if withdrawal occurs prior to and up to the last day to drop without a fee for term.
  • No refund if withdrawal occurs after the last day to add/drop without a fee for term.

Summer/Fall/J-Term/Spring COURSE fees

  • 100% refund if withdrawal occurs prior to FIRST day of class
  • No refunds if withdrawal occurs on or after the FIRST day of class.

Summer/Fall/J-Term/Spring Housing and Meal Plans

  •  Housing refunds are prorated on a daily basis.
  • Meal Plan refunds are prorated on a daily basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Some Fees May Be Subject To Change