Dear PLU Students & Families:

Your Investment in a high-quality education experience allows us to invest in our students, preparing them for lives of meaningful work in support of their communities.

Whether it’s through student-faculty research opportunities, a life changing study-away experience, interdisciplinary courses that open up new ways of thinking, or internships that spark vocational discovery, we strive to have each student move on from PLU with the confidence and skills they need for our increasingly complex society.

We continue making improvements to learning and living spaces across campus with physical upgrades, improved access, and new furnishings and technology.

Investing in campus brought new improvements in 2018-19:

  • The new Nate Schoening Center for Student Success, housed in the Mortvedt Library, is a comprehensive resource for students of all class years and disciplines.  The vision for the center is to be a one-stop shop for vital student services, aiming to support students who need additional assistance and to help more students stay at PLU,  The center – the new home of Academic Assistance and Academic Advising – offers a flexible space for tutoring, studying, and collaborative work.
  • Other improvements to the Mortvedt Library first floor including a new digital design lab, additional student gathering spaces, meeting rooms and technology help desk.
  • The new Office of Alumni and Student Connections assists current students to find jobs, explore vocations, identify internship opportunities, make career connections, and cultivate their collective wisdom by forming innovative partnerships with alumni to prepare them for lifelong career success.  The newly minted office enhances the ability of undergraduates and graduate students to develop the skills, experiences, contacts, and opportunities they need to define and achieve their career goals, while providing meaningful engagement and volunteer opportunities for our 40,000 alumni.
  • The Innovation Studies Makerspace is a new creative lab on campus in Hinderlie Hall for nurturing connections and bringing people, ideas and disciplines together.  From business prototyping to craft nights to a space for lectures on innovation, everything that a student needs to get started on a creative project is here.  We believe that creativity and innovation work best when diverse and unexpected connections are fostered across student groups, majors, and academic-professional boundaries.

PLU is committed to providing the highest quality liberal arts education, and that commitment relies upon support of the institution from dedicated alumni and families.  I understand and appreciate the level of sacrifice that you make, and that is why we are determined to keep tuition increases as minimal as possible.

PLU’s Board of Regents recently approved the university’s comprehensive fee schedule for the 2019-20 academic year.  The annual price for tuition and fees for the 2019-20 academic year will increase by 3.76% (or $1,568) to $43,264 from the 2018-19 price of $41,696.  Part-time tuition is set at $1,352 per credit hour, room and meals increased by only 0.8% to $10,876 from $10,790 in 2018-19.  In our continuing effort to help families plan for subsequent years, it should be noted that the average PLU tuition increase from 2016-17 to 2019-20 was 3.45 percent.

Please understand that the decision to increase our tuition and fees was made after extensive discussions with students, faculty, administrators, and our Board of Regents.  Through a review of the pricing trends at private institutions in Washington, we found that tuition and fees at our peer institutions increased at an average rate of 4.0 percent (for a total average cost of $44,756) in the most recent year, while room and meals averaged a 3.1 percent increase (for a total average cost of $12,090).

In keeping with our commitment to access and affordability, PLU expects to provide approximately $64.7 million in undergraduate financial aid for the 2019-20 academic year, up from the $60.6 million last year.  This aid, used by 97 percent of our students, reflects PLU’s desire to help more of its students with financial need over the coming years.  It is important to remember that each financial aid case is assessed individually, and that not all students will necessarily receive an increase in their need-based aid as a result of the tuition increase.

As we approach registration for the Fall 2019 semester, we encourage all of our students to utilize all of the university resources available – including academic guidance, financial assistance, career planning, residential life resources, and work study programs – to prepare for a strong return in the next academic year.

In planning for the coming year, I encourage you to visit the Student Financial Services website at  This site provides information about available payment methods, tuition payment plans, and loan information.  Members of the Student Financial Services team are also ready to help you and can be reached by phone at either 800-678-3243 or 253-535-7161 or by email at

Pacific Lutheran University is committed to the purposeful integration of a world-class liberal arts education, professional studies, and civic engagement to prepare our students for success in a rapidly changing, globalized economy.  And you can be certain that we are deeply committed to ensuring that our students find a place in the world that both is meaningful to them and makes good use of their talents and education.  Thank you for your commitment to Pacific Lutheran University.

Because the world needs more Lutes.



Allan Belton

Acting President