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2018-2019 Graduate Student Checklist

2018-2019 Graduate Student Checklist

Important Requirements That Need To Be Completed Before 2018-2019 Classes Begin

Unless otherwise noted, Student Financial Services, located in Hauge Administration Building Room 102, will assist you with questions. These requirements must be completed before fall semester, unless otherwise designated. All students are assigned a PLU ID number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) upon acceptance into PLU. It is the student’s responsibility to decide who will have access to their financial aid (if applicable) and their student account. Permission to release information to a parent(s), spouse or a significant other is given, if they have both the student’s PLU ID and PIN. Otherwise, information will not be released to anyone but the student.


To Complete Your Online Payment Contract for 2018-2019:

  • Go to banweb.plu.edu
  • Click on Banner Self-Service
  • Enter Secure Area
  • Log in with your PLU ID and your PIN
  • Go to Student Services
  • Select Payment Contract-Required Annually
  • Read the Conditions of the Financial Aid Offer, WA State Need Grant and IRS 1098-T
  • Select I have read and I accept these Terms and Conditions
  • Select a Payment Option
  • Select the Title IV Authorization (If applicable)
  • Select Submit my Payment Contract
  • Submit (one more time)
  • Print a copy for your records

Please note: If at any time you do not fill in the required field(s) a red * will appear and direct you back to complete those fields.


All students should have an emergency contact and should confirm their address(s).

  • To complete this, go to your Banner Web account, banweb.plu.edu.
  • Login and follow the instructions.

3. Electronic Student Billing Information (e-Bill) ( Important to add Additional Recipients )

The Business Office sends monthly electronic billing statements to students at their PLU email during the first week of each month.
If you the student, would like this e-Bill sent to another person(s), you may designate up to 3 additional recipients to receive it. Follow the directions below.

To add up to 3 alternative emails (not including your PLU email):

  • Go to banweb.plu.edu
  • Click on Banner Self Service
  • User Login with your PLU ID and PIN
  • Choose Personal Information
  • Choose Update E-Mail Addresses
  • Carefully read the directions for student e-billing
  • To designate an email address other than your PLU email address:

a. Select E-Billing Alternate Student Email Address and/or designate additional recipients
b. Select E-Billing -Additional Recipient’s Email Address from the Type of E-mail to insert dropdown box under the current email address listed.
c. Choose Submit
d. Enter the email address and Submit. You may select the E-Billing –Additional Recipient’s Email Address option, up to 3 times for additional recipients.


4. Free Application For Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA)

If you would like to apply for Federal Financial Aid go to www.fafsa.gov.


You need to accept or decline your financial aid on Banner web. Notification of any revisions to your Offer of Financial Aid will be emailed to your student PLU email with instructions to view any changes. It is your responsibility to check the messages on what was changed.

To accept or decline:

  • Go to banweb.plu.edu and click on Enter Secure Area (Banner Web).
  • Enter your PLU ID and PLU issued PIN. Your PIN, along with your PLU ID, will be used each time you access your financial aid, student account or registration records in Banner.
  • Select Financial Aid Services
  • Select Award

a. Select Award by Aid Year
b. Select Financial Aid Year 2018-2019.
c. Select Submit
d. You will be prompted to make a decision on the loan. You may select Accept, Decline, or Undecided. Select Submit Decision or, if you wish to accept the entire offer in the original form, simply select Accept Full Amount All Awards. Once you have selected Submit Decision or Accept Full Amount All Awards, the screen will show the current status of your award.

6. Federal Direct Grad Unsubsidized Loans

Have the following ready to complete your requirements:

  • Student FSA ID & Password, same as for the FAFSA
  • Student Drivers’ License number
  • Student Social Security number & date of birth
  • 2 references, name, address, phone number of people who do not live with your or must have different addresses

Then to: https://studentloans.gov. Complete the following:

  • Complete Counseling (Entrance Counseling, Start Counseling)
  • Complete a Master Promissory Note (Subsidized/Unsubsidized MPN) (Complete Subsidized/Unsubsidized MPN)

7. Federal Direct Grad Plus Loan

Go to https://studentloans.gov
The password from the FAFSA will be needed to complete the next process.

  • Click on Apply for a PLUS Loan
  • Choose Complete PLUS Request for GRAD, complete application
  • When approved for the loan choose to Sign Master Promissory

8. Teach Grant

  • Go to https://studentloans.gov
  • The new FSA ID and password from the FAFSA will be needed to complete this process.
  • Click on Apply for a TEACH GRANT



Please submit your Medical History Record with updated immunizations records immediately before classes begin. These are required documents to attend PLU, and if not submitted to the Health Center, will prevent you from registering in future semesters. You can download the Medical History Record form at: https://www.plu.edu/health-center/documents/.

If you need any assistance, contact the Student Health Center at 253-535-7337 or email health@plu.edu.