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Student Leadership Institute SLI 2015


The Student Leadership Institute seeks to develop student leaders who are effective agents of change with a deeper understanding of personal strengths and an acceptance of the responsibility inherent in community membership and leadership.

Growing leaders rooted in integrity

2015 Workshops

Morning Workshops

#SLI15M1 – The Art and Science of Building Trust
Joanna Royce-Davis and Laree Winner   |   CK West

Through reflection and scenario based learning activities, participants in this session will focus on intentionally defining and building trust within individual and group relationships. Participants will leave with resource materials and strategies with which to build trust in their own groups and organizations.


#SLI15M2 – Leading with Courage
Donna Gibbs and Jes Takla   |   Scandinavian Cultural Center

“…courage is rarely impulsive. Nor does it emerge from nowhere. Courage is really a special kind of calculated risk-taking” (Reardon, 2007). It takes courage to have integrity as a leader. In addition to “walking the walk”, successful advocates must also learn to effectively “talk the talk” so they can communicate the initiatives of their communities and inspire the audiences they wish to galvanize into action. In this session, we will discuss the onus of leadership, identify strategies to navigate systems, and explore creative messaging techniques to help leaders effectively “talk the talk” while they “walk the walk”.


#SLI15M3 – Sustainable Budgeting: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Allan Belton and Ian Jamieson   |   AUC 133

What does budgeting have to do with sustainability? Walk through a real life PLU example to help show how to create a sustainable budget, how budget is at the heart of all decisions, and how the university spends its money in support of the mission. Walk away with tons of new information and appreciation for “The Numbers.”

#SLI15M4 – The Anti Jerk Pill: Building Healthy, Strategic Relationships
Dan Lee and Nolan Ryan   |   CK East

Don’t be a jerk! But what else should you know!? Come learn your own relationship building style and tips on building stronger connections.

#SLI15M5 – Distinction: The difference between average and excellence
Tom Krise and Joel Zylstra   |   Regency Room

How does one lead with distinction while allowing input from others? Come explore where vision meets inclusion and focus meets collaboration.

Special Sessions

#SLI15S1 – How to Rally When Your Soul Feels Sucked Dry: Self-care for Student Leaders
Jen Warwick   |   AUC 133

“Why did I think that being a leader was a good idea? It’s killing me!” Many students take on leadership positions because of their passion for a cause and a desire to make positive social change, yet apathy, burnout, and chronic stress can sometimes impact a leader’s ability to be engaged and effective. This interactive, self-reflective (and exercise-free) workshop will help students identify and manage compassion and leadership fatigue.

#SLI15S2 – Kickball
Dan Hammerquist   |   Admin Lawn

Some people would suggest there is no better way to practice self-care than to exercise. If you are one of those people, then this session is for you!

#SLI15S3 – Core, Strength, & Balance
Allison Stephens   |   Scandinavian Cultural Center

Walk away with ideas, goals, and a plan to incorporate regular moments of active self care into your week. Bring a mat or towel as we practice movements related to core strength and balance including Pilates, Plank and standing yoga poses. At the end of this hour, you will feel longer, stronger, and more relaxed (and a little sweaty).

#SLI15S4 – Castigat ridendo mores
Hal DeLaRosby   |   Meeting Area: Clock Tower

Translation from Latin: laughing corrects morals

#SLI15S5 – Yoya
Rob Thompson and Lisa Clovis   |   Red Square or AUC Back Patio

Self-care requires that we take a daily preventative approach to the care of our bodies. Exercise is an essential underpinning of a healthy lifestyle, improving the capacity, strength, and flexibility of the body.

#SLI15S6 – Art Therapy
Heather Jacobson   |   Regency Room

You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy the benefits of art therapy. In this session, we will experience how coloring mandalas and other images can be a great form of stress relief and relaxation.

Afternoon Workshops

#SLI15A1 – Navigating Professional Conflict
Joanne Ito and Kat Slaby   |   Regency Room

In a society where there is diversity in beliefs, values, resources, goals, methods/processes to reach goals, conflict is inevitable. We will review how conflict may appear/manifest; and participants will have a chance to try out some strategies for staying with a difficult, conflict ridden situation so that differences or issues can be addressed/resolved.

#SLI15A2 – Multiple Dimensions of Identity
Luke Ruiz and Angel Gonzalez   |   CK West

This session will use the framework of multiple dimensions of identity to describe saliency, conceptualize the “Big 8” social identities, and dialogue about our everyday lived experiences.


#SLI15A3 – “Oh, that’s awkward”: Engaging in tough discussions about social justice
Nicole Juliano and Jonathan Yglesias   |   AUC 133

Whether you’re in your classroom, your residence hall, or with your friends, hot-button issues around gender, race, and identity arise. In this workshop, we will explore what social justice topics are important to you and how to apply these passions for supporting justice in daily discussions on campus. Whether you’re well-versed in navigating these discussions or brand new to them, this workshop will offer us a space in which to process, practice, and debrief.

#SLI15A4 – Luck Favors the Prepared: Time management through Personal Strategic Planning
Melissa Williams and Allie Grill   |   Scandinavian Cultural Center

What is a strategic plan and how can it be used not only on a macro scale but also on a personal scale? Come discover the opportunities you can create for yourself with this twist on time management and forecasting.

#SLI15A5 – Engaging Event Planning
Tiffany Lemmon and Aviance Taylor   |   CK East

Learn engaging strategies and tools for planning your next campus or community event.


#SLI15A6 – Translating Leadership Roles into Resumes and Interviews
Catherine Swearingen   |   AUC 201

Learn how to create a compelling resume by defining and articulating your leadership skills and how to integrate them into your personal narrative to use in an interview.


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