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The Counseling Center offers free, confidential mental health treatment services that contribute to students’ academic progress and personal development in a holistic, flexible, and responsive manner. PLU students who are registered for the current semester are eligible for services. Counselors are licensed/supervised professionals who offer a wide range of counseling styles, expertise, and approaches. Counselors may also make referrals for medication, long-term therapy, couples counseling, and specialized assessments and services.

The Counseling Center offers walk-in hours twice a day (Monday-Friday, 10-11am & 2-3pm, September-May), for students who may have a quick concern or issue they wish to problem-solve with a counselor. The Counseling Center also provides group workshops and classes throughout the year, on a variety of topics related to self-care and managing everyday stressors. In collaboration with campus and community partners, we empower students to develop self-awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to make choices, sustain mental well-being, and achieve their highest potential throughout their educational journey.

Phone: (253) 535-7838                                Schedule Appt: (253) 535-7206
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