Division of Student Life

Student Life Departments and Campus Resources

The Division of Student Life provides high-quality resources for students. We invite you to become acquainted with the people and programs of our division.

We want to know you and we want you to know us!

We hope you will visit our offices for additional information or just to get to know us.

We're Here to help you!

Have a question and unsure where to go or who to talk to? No problem! Contact us at slif@plu.edu or 253-535-7191.

Did You Know?

Student Life works regularly with the Student Services Center, Business Office, Financial Aid Office, Registrar’s Office, and many other student support offices on campus.

Student Life Departments

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The Athletic Department

  • Provides leadership for student-athletes involved in 20 varsity sports
  • Affiliated with the Northwest Conference
  • Intramural activities and five club sports, including cheerleading
  • Operates the Names Fitness Center and the Swimming Pool

Location: Olson Gymnasium and Auditorium, Rm. 101

Phone: 253-535-7352

Email: athletic@plu.edu

Visitor’s Guide and Ticket Information

Campus Ministry (part of President's Division)

Campus Ministry is dedicated to nurturing and challenging the life of faith and reason. Responding to the call of the Gospel, we provide opportunities for students to grow in their God-given talents for vocations in the world and church, and to discover ways we can serve God and our neighbor on campus and in the greater community.

  • Pastoral care for personal issues, grief or vocational decisions
  • Spiritual direction, conversation, encouragement and support
  • Worship and Bible study, available throughout the week
    • Chapel – MWF at 10:30am in Lagerquist Hall
    • The Cross – Saturdays at 6pm in Trinity Lutheran Church
    • University Congregation – Sunday mornings at 11am in Lagerquist Concert Hall

Location: Anderson University Center, Rm 190

Phone: 253-535-7464

Email: cmin@plu.edu

Campus Safety

Campus Safety provides an effective operating force of trained personnel to protect the university and its community.

  • Regulate parking and traffic
  • Assist with crime prevention, and assist law enforcement officers
  • Respond to medical emergencies and fire alarms
  • Security patrol
  • Free walking escort / shuttle service on campus and within a designated perimeter surrounding campus
  • Vehicle jump starts

Location: Harstad Hall, Rm G-282 (basement)

General information: x7441 (on-campus) or 253-535-7441 (off-campus)

Campus Closure Hotline: 253-535-7100 or 1-877-322-0872

Email: campussafety@plu.edu

Career Connections

Career Connections brings together PLU’s best academic and career planning tools to help students make a seamless transition into the next phase of life. By linking students with the right resources, advisors and opportunities, Career Connections positions students to succeed.

  • Library for exploring career and major options
  • Personal assistance with job search techniques
  • On-line recruiting and employment
  • Interest inventories and personality style assessments
  • Résumé critiques and mock interviews

Location: Ramstad Hall (within Ramstad Commons), Rm 112

Phone: 253-535-7459

Email: career@plu.edu

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center‘s experienced team of licensed psychologists and mental health counselors is well prepared to help you make the most of your educational experience.

  • Free and confidential short-term personal counseling and therapy (individual/group)
  • Medication consultation
  • Assistance in time management, goal setting
  • Referral to community providers/specialized services
  • Workshops and presentation for faculty, staff and students

Location: Anderson University Center, Rm 300 (3rd Floor, Mezzanine)

Phone: 253-535-7206

Email: councen@plu.edu

Dining and Culinary Services

Dining and Culinary Services

  • Operations include: The Commons (dining hall), Old Main Market, espresso stands and cafés (see web site for hours, locations, menus and payment options)
  • Special event catering
  • Great employment opportunities

Location: Anderson University Center

Email: dining@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7472

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services works to assure that all students are considered fully enfranchised members of the educational community and have access to any program or activity operated by the University.

  • Coordination of accommodations for students with disabilities (permanent or temporary)
  • Assessment of individual needs and referral to necessary services.
  • Appropriate documentation of a disability is required from a physician or appropriate professional.
  • All student records and information are kept confidential

Location: Anderson University Center, Rm 300 (3rd Floor, Mezzanine)

Phone: 253-535-7206 TDD: 253-536-5074

Email: dss@plu.edu

Diversity Center

The Diversity Center is committed to empowering the PLU community to engage in dialogue, programs, and initiatives that promote and enhance equity, agency, and action.

  • Education and support for multicultural awareness on campus
  • Welcoming and inviting space for all students to visit
  • Staffed by student Diversity Advocates
  • Underrepresented student populations are welcomed and supported
    • Clubs supporting underrepresented populations available to join
  • Connection to other diversity resources
  • Regularly scheduled programs and special events

Location: Anderson University Center, Rm 150

Phone: 253-535-8750

Email: dcenter@plu.edu

Health Center

The Health Center provides a full range of medical care in a confidential clinical setting.

  • Evaluate, treat and manage general, acute and chronic illnesses and injuries
  • Men and Women specific healthcare services
  • Immunizations, including travel shots
  • Physicals (for sports, travel and annual check ups)
  • Sexual health services, including birth control counseling and prescriptions
    • STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing; including post sexual assault
  • Travel counseling
  • Eating disorder and substance abuse referral
  • Nutrition and health education
  • Student health insurance information and coordination

Location: Corner of 121st Street and Park Avenue

Phone: 253-535-7337

After hours MultiCare nurse consulting line: 253-792-6300

Email: health@plu.edu

Residential Life

You will only spend about a third of your time in class. So what will you do with the rest of your time? The educational mission of PLU is not limited to the classroom experience. Living on campus is an integral part of a student’s educational experience!

  • Activities and programs designed to promote self-reliance and leadership, explore interests, gain an understanding of others
  • Residence Hall information
  • Residence Hall Association (RHA)
  • Housing processes and procedures
  • Off-campus housing listings

Residential Life Office

Location: Anderson University Center, Rm 161

Phone: 253-535-7200

Email: rlif@plu.edu

Residence Hall Association

Residence Hall Councils

Student Employment

Student Employment provides comprehensive resources and counseling for students at every point in their career planning: employment (part-time, full-time, work-study), internships, and career choice. Visit us early and often throughout your PLU experience!

  • State and federal work-study and non work-study employment opportunities for on and off campus positions
  • Challenging and diverse positions (part-time and full-time) with fair and equitable compensation
  • Employment education orientation
  • Supervisor resources
  • Parent resources

Location: Ramstad Hall (within Ramstad Commons), Rm 112

Phone: 253-535-7459

Email: stuemp@plu.edu

Student Involvement and Leadership

Academics and student activities go hand in hand at PLU, enhancing student and leadership development. Whatever your interests, PLU has a wide array of programs, organizations and opportunities available to help you make the most of your college experience.

  • Resource for leadership development
  • Advise student government (ASPLU)
  • Support for clubs and organization
  • Services for off-campus students and veterans
  • Coordination of student rights and responsibilities (student conduct)
  • Advise student media

Student Involvement and Leadership

Location: Anderson University Center, Rm 161

Phone: 253-535-7195

Email: sil@plu.edu

Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

The Vice President’s office ensures that student’s questions get answered and that their opinions get communicated throughout the University.  Staff members assist students in connecting to campus resources and campus life.

  • Offering individual attention to student concerns
  • Provides resources to answer student questions
  • Directs students to available resources
  • Advocates for students: listening and working on behalf of student needs and interests
  • Assists with questions related to FERPA (protection of student educational records)

Location:  Hauge Administration Building, Rm 105

Phone:  253-535-7191

Email:  slif@plu.edu

Campus Partners / Additional Resources

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Academic Advising

Academic Advising

  • Provide guidance in developing academic goals and choosing a major
  • Support for students experiencing academic difficulty
  • Clarify general university and core requirements
  • Serve as referrals to others throughout the campus

Location: Ramstad Hall (within Ramstad Commons), Rm 112

Email: advising@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7459

Academic Assistance Center

Academic Assistance Center

  • Individual tutoring and group study sessions
  • Test review sessions
  • Student success workshops
  • Study strategy planning
  • Open math, computer science, and geoscience labs
  • Foreign language conversation groups

Location: Library 124 (Lobby Level)

Email: aac@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7518

Academic Internships

Academic Internships

  • Apply classroom learning in real situations
  • Develop professional skills
  • Experience investigative learning
  • Choose from a wide variety of internships
  • Work with employers in positions that will help meet career goals

Location: Ramstad Hall (Ramstad Commons), Rm 112

Email: intern@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7324

Admission Office

Admission Office

  • General information
  • Admission of students
  • Prospective student publications
  • Advanced placement
  • Transfer student registration

Location: Hauge Administration Bldg., Rm 109

Email: admission@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7151

Garfield Book Company (university bookstore)

Bookstore (Garfield Book Company at PLU)

  • LuteWorld on-line store
  • Textbooks and class materials
  • Textbook refunds
  • Convenience store, specialty sections, gift shops

Location: 208 Garfield Street

Email: books@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7665

Business Office

Business Office

  • Student account payments
  • Student paychecks
  • Tuition remission

Location: Hauge Administration Bldg., Rm 110

Email: buso@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7171

Office Hours: M-F 8:00am-5:00pm
Cashier Window Hours: M-F 8:00am-4:30pm

Center for Community Engagement and Service

Center for Community Engagement and Service

  • Plan volunteer and advocacy events for the PLU campus and the community
  • Contains over 150 volunteer agencies on file
  • Provide info on individual & group volunteer opportunities
  • Assist in setting up service-learning opportunities for your PLU classes

Location: Ramstad Hall, Rm 114

Email: service@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7652

Library and Computing - Help Desk

Library and Computing Help Desk

  • ePass accounts for E-mail, digital information sources, and other on-line services
  • Book and article collections, electronic and in print
  • Multimedia collections, equipment, and services
  • Reference desk/Interlibrary loans
  • Computer access & Student IT help desk
  • Library special collections and university archives

Location: Corner of 121st Street and Park Avenue

Library hours & help:


Computing info & help:


Provost Office

Provost Office

  • Academic policies and programs
  • Curriculum development
  • Faculty and course offerings

Location: Hauge Administration Bldg., Rm 103

Email: provost@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7126

Registrar's Office

Registrar’s Office

  • Class schedules; Grades
  • Transfer credit evaluation; Exceptions to requirements
  • Junior Review; Graduation
  • Registration appointment times
  • Special registrations (independent study and credit by exam)

Location: Hauge Administration Bldg., Rm 102

Email: registrar@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7131

Student Services Center

Student Services Center

  • Add/drop classes
  • Complete withdrawals or re-entry enrollment
  • Transcripts: official and unofficial
  • Verification of enrollment
  • Change of address
  • Financial Aid services
  • Payment options
  • Refund requests
  • Veteran’s Assistance
  • Perkins/Nursing Loans

Location: Hauge Administration Bldg., Rm 102

Email: ssvc@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7161

Walk-in Hours: M-F 9am-5pm
Express Window: M-Th 8am-6pm; F 8am-5pm

Wang Center for Global Education

Wang Center for Global Education

  • Assist students in selecting programs and preparing for study abroad or off-campus
  • Plan opportunities for off-campus study for J-Term, Summer, semester, or full academic year
  • Coordinate on-campus international activities and international student scholar exchange programs
  • Coordinate international internships to selected locations around the globe
  • Offering a variety of public programs on topics of international interest and issues

Location: 868 Wheeler St.

Email: wang.center@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-7577

Women's Center

Women’s Center

  • Resources for issues regarding gender equity & social justice
  • Educational programs & leadership/internship opportunities
  • Support & advocacy services for students, faculty & staff
  • Comfortable space for meetings & celebrations
  • Opportunities to explore masculinity via Men’s Project

Location: 801 121st St. S.

Email: womencen@plu.edu

Phone: 253-535-8759

Writing Center

Writing Center

  • Offering drafting, revising, and editing strategies
  • Assist with brainstorming for topics and ways to expand or narrow existing topics
  • Present feedback on written papers
  • Share ways to use writers’ resources
  • Help with résumés and job applications
  • Assist with academic, creative, & professional writing skills

Location:  Library 220 (2nd Floor)

Email:  writing@plu.edu

Phone:  253-535-8709