Alternative Work Assignments

If you have students that you are not able to maintain hours and the student is still available to work on campus, please complete the Alternative Work Assignment Request Form online. We will review each request and reach out to each student. We will let students know you have requested an alternative work assignment for X number of hours a week and allow them to select from available options. Students will complete a check in/check out form each time they work. The alternative work assignment supervisor will scan the form to you allowing you to confirm the additional hours that will appear on their timesheet. Examples of alternative work assignments include grounds and writing thank you cards to donors.

We will be communicating with all student employees to let them know this program exists and that we will try to maintain as many of their hours as possible. Students will be told to talk directly with their supervisors if they have concerns about the hours available to them. Only supervisors can make requests for alternative work assignments.

Students have also been directed to work with supervisors if working remotely is an option. Supervisors will need to make the determination on a position by position basis, many jobs will not allow for remote work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my students be able to work the same amount of hours as before the transition to distance learning?

Our goal with this program is to maintain work hours and income that our students depend on.

Can student worker take on more hours than they had previously?

No, this is not to be used to increase the number of hours a student is usually working.

Out of whose budget does the student get paid if they are working for another department?

Any alternative work assignment will still be charged to your budget. Students will enter time worked for you and at their alternative assignment on the same timesheet you regularly approve. This way you have a record of the hours being charged to your budget.

What happens after I fill out the form?

Once the form is completed, Student Employment will reach out to the student to let them know you have identified a need of x hours for them to maintain their normal weekly hours. We will then offer them a list of alternative work assignments such as writing thank you cards to donors, working grounds etc. 

Do students have to maintain the same level of hours?

It is up to the student if they would like to fill the gap in hours with an alternative work assignment and they will have the choice of the assignment they would like as availability exists.

What is a student would rather not perform their assigned task?

If the student declines the alternative assignment they will only be paid for the hours they work for you.

How will these hours be tracked?

The alternative supervisor will have the student complete a check in and check out form for time worked. The alternative supervisor will then scan and send this form to you so you can have documentation when you approve the student timesheet.

Can students working jobs off campus utilize alternative work hours?

Alternative work assignments are currently only available to students who are available to work on campus.