2019 Student Worker Sick Leave Policy

Beginning January 1, 2018, PLU provides paid sick leave to student workers in accordance with the terms of its new policy and applicable law. Student workers includes all non-exempt student employees and does not include exempt resident and community advisors or graduate fellowship students receiving non-wage academic stipends.

Read the full policy here.

New to Hiring PLU Students?

To request an employer account for posting and managing jobs, please e-mail the Student Employment Office (stuemp@plu.edu), with “Request Account” in the subject line.

Reference the on-campus employer guide for instructions on how to use the Opportunities Board to post jobs and hire student employees.

Things To Remember….
  • All I-9 forms should be filled out in the Student Employment Office.
  • Students should not be scheduled to work until the I-9 and hiring form is submitted to the Student Employment Office. This will protect the university from being in violation of Homeland Security Federal regulations.
  • International students must request a SSN and have the receipt turned into the Student Payroll Office before they can begin working.
  • You can reference the beginning and ending employment dates for students that are working for you by signing into your employer account in the Opportunities Board.
  • Be sure to notify students of hiring decisions.
  • Remember to be specific on the start and end dates. We enter the start and end dates that are on the hiring form.
  • Please use the Pay Rate Change Form if you want to change a student’s rate of pay. You can find this form on the web site under “Documents & Forms”.