The Work Study program gives employers financial incentives to hire college students by subsidizing student wages up to 70%. The program is designed to help students find meaningful employment opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them.

What is the benefit to students?

PLU students benefit from Work Study awards in two main ways:

  1. Work study earnings will not count against a student for future financial aid eligibility when filing the FAFSA.
  2. Work study awards allow students from Washington State to work in off campus positions which can provide valuable experiences and training and often pay more than minimum wage.

Why can't out-of state students work in off-campus Work Study jobs?

Washington state residents are eligible for Washington State’s Work Study Program, which provides reimbursements to employers who hire eligible students. Out-of-state students cannot participate in the WA program, but do qualify for Federal Work Study, which is funded and administered differently, limiting students to using their Work Study awards in on-campus positions.

What if I want to work on campus?

All jobs on campus at PLU are Work Study eligible. If you are hired in an on-campus job, your position will automatically be coded as Work Study.

How do I know if I have Work Study?

Work study is part of a student’s financial aid package. Check out your financial aid summary in Banner to see if you have a Work Study award or speak with a PLU Financial Services Specialist.

Why didn't I get Work Study?

Work study is a need-based program. Students will not receive Work Study if family earnings are above the maximum threshold, if their scholarships and loans already cover the financial need as determined by the FAFSA, or if the student does not file the FAFSA. If you did not get a Work Study award but you believe you might be eligible, contact Student Financial Services at PLU.

What if I want to decline my award?

Work study awards do not have any negative consequences. Students are not obligated to work if they’ve been awarded Work Study, Work Study awards don’t interfere with eligibility to receive other scholarships and grants, and, unlike loans, the award does not have to be repaid.

How do I get placed in my Work Study job?

Students with Work Study are not placed in positions. You still need to apply for jobs and be selected from the pool of applicants. Staff in Alumni & Student Connections are available to help students with resumes, job applications, and interviews. Jobs available to students are posted on the PLU Opportunities Board.

When do I get my Work Study check?

You do not get a check up front for Work Study. Your Work Study award will be paid in the form of regular paychecks if you choose to get a job. Paychecks always go directly to the student and are not automatically used to pay tuition.


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